– Legit And Suspicious At The Same Time is an online pharmacy located in Canada according to its website. The pharmacy offers a wide range of drugs to clients all over the world. The pharmacy also provides prices lower than the average cost of medicines. It also has a professional looking website. However, we will investigate and verify the site.

Domain Information

After researching, we discovered that this pharmacy was founded almost 10 years ago. The domain was registered in November 2008. With this long life, you can easily distinguish that this pharmacy is legal. However, we couldn’t figure out the name of the record owner as they use the privacy service to hide their data. This could be because avid marketers avoid spam.


Company Information is operated by an organization with the same company name. We discovered that this company deals in the distribution of medicines through the licensed physical pharmacy in Vancouver, Canada. The address provided is valid and already present, as confirmed by Google Maps Search. The pharmacy also has authorized management centers in different parts of the world to supply medicines to international customers.
Our investigation has shown that this pharmacy is affiliated with at least five different pharmacies. However, this does not mean that they belong to an illegal marketing scheme. Other pharmacies even have completely different layouts and web designs. You can only see it if it is relevant if you do thorough research.
Interestingly, the search for a fraud advisor shows that has suspicious tendencies as it has a 46% confidence rate. Apparently, some customers have complained that their data was compromised multiple times when making payments on this platform. Therefore, you should be very careful especially when using your credit card.

Regulatory Approvals

Our investigation shows that this pharmacy is legally active because it has been licensed by the Canadian authority. Research shows that this license number is valid and that the company has met all legal requirements.

Big Mountain Drugs has multiple credits from different regulatory agencies. The pharmacy is accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) to provide prescriptions worldwide. Interestingly, there are only 63 CIPA-accredited secure pharmacies in Canada. This means that is internationally recognized.

This pharmacy has also been validated under the verification program. The pharmacy meets all inspection requirements, which also confirm that it is a real online pharmacy.


Payment and Delivery

The pharmacy accepts payments for:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa

All orders are shipped via regular airmail. The pharmacy charges a flat rate of $ 10 for all shipments, regardless of the amount of medicine you have purchased. Delivery times vary from 10 to 18 working days.

Prescription Required is very strict when it comes to buying medicines (RX). You must provide a valid prescription from a licensed physician or physician to obtain RX medications from this online pharmacy. Customers can fax, email or download their prescription from the pharmacy website. Over-the-counter medications don’t require a prescription, and customers can order them indefinitely.



We were unable to collect testimonials on this site as they do not provide opportunities for customers to post their comments. The positive reviews we found on the BBB website are not enough to help us assess the level of service at this pharmacy. Although the pharmacy is not BBB certified, it does have an A + rating.



However, is on the list of fraudulent pharmacies on and on the NABP list for the disabled. This could be because you are linked to an unsupported website. Customers also complained of fraudulent charges on their credit cards when placing an order on this site. This pharmacy seems to be attacked by malware and this has consequences for online payment transactions. Payments are not secure and customers are at risk of fraudulent charges on their credit cards. As long as this problem is not resolved, we can only give this pharmacy a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. – Hiding Relationships With China is one of the best known online pharmacies serving different clients from all over the world with high quality generic drugs. However, many questioned whether the site was legitimate or a scam. Therefore, to separate the axis from the grain, we need to go into some important details that will help us get an overview of the site. However, before going into too much detail, it is clear from some customer reviews that the site is not 100% original. Therefore, before taking a step on the website to buy your medications, you must read and understand what your transactions entail.

Domain Information

Several mirror sites flooded the Internet. Caution is recommended as they can mislead or provide misleading information that can lead to loss. So in this case when searching this site, the domain information is, which was registered in 2015.


Business Information

Genmed Commerce is located at this site in Singapore. The first result we found when searching for this address shows us that this is a virtual office service and not a real commercial site. So what we found is my mailbox address pretending to be real offices and we think it’s a fake company certificate. It doesn’t look very good yet.


Legal Approvals

For starters, licenses, certificates and approvals are absolutely essential when it comes to distinguishing a legitimate website from a fraudulent website. claims to sell high quality FDA certified products, although many regulators do not recognize them. For example, you turned CIPA, NABP, and LegitScript into a fraudulent website.

Available Products

The drugs available in this store cover a wide range of conditions. It appears to primarily offer generic pills instead of the more expensive brands.
They support shipping medications from different parts of the world, although there are no established pharmacy locations. They repeat the lie that these international pharmacies are regulated by the FDA, even though they are outside the jurisdiction of the FDA. We suspect that most drugs will originate from Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, and China, which are known to produce the majority of counterfeit drugs in the world. Strange that are suspiciously trying to deny any relationship with China.


Payment and Delivery

You can buy medicines with credit cards on this site, as well as Echeck, bank transfer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Ethereum. The site has the appropriate security certificates (confirmed by GeoTrust) to provide you with some security when entering your financial information on the site.

Prescription Requirements

Although they ask you to see a doctor, they do not need to send you a copy of the prescription. You can email the prescription, which the pharmacist says will review, as well as any medical information they provide, to make sure there are no problems. If your pharmacist really checks to see if there is a problem with your order, we have our doubts.

Reviews is a wonderful global company with an attractive reputation that draws criticism from around the world. When you use it on Google, you have different comments on social media. A closer look at the reviews makes them look real as they have spread across multiple websites. So with this information, we can give the site the advantage of suspecting it to be safe.



We originally asked the question: is the safe? Our conclusion, after much research, probably not, and therefore we have a 2 stars out of 5. This is just below average despite some good customer reviews, but unfortunately badly outperformed this pharmacy. – Supported By Regulators

For almost a decade, has been one of the best online pharmacies for many clients worldwide. They offer cheap medications that help their clients save a lot. Also, if the customer wants to speak to a licensed pharmacist, they can do so anytime, anywhere for free. Its main objective is to help these people lead healthy lives without insurance. However, it has been listed as a threat site for several reasons. Due to this, some of their clients have wondered if it was a fraudulent or legitimate site. However, most of the customers are happy with their products and services.

Domain Information

Gaining knowledge of domain information for a website is essential because it provides an overview. In this case, the domain information contains the creation date – 2009, the registration end date – 2021. The registrar is Rebel Ltd. Apparently, there are many identical websites linked to that all customers should avoid.


Web Platform

The web design of this site is really professional and easy to navigate. All jobs, including lists and search boxes, are well positioned at strategic points within the site. You won’t find a long list of erectile dysfunction products or medications, as with suspicious websites.

Mirror Sites

This pharmacy is related to dozens of mirror sites from different pharmacies. The good news is that these mirror sites are original. Some are certified by CIPA and other regulators. These results simply mean that the pharmacy is not part of an illegal partner program. Also, relevant websites don’t have the same web design, images, or text as always with corrupt pharmacies.

Legal Approvals contains licenses, certificates, and approvals from just two regulatory agencies, CIPA and PharmacyChecker. It doesn’t have approvals from other agencies like FDA, IPABC, LegitScript, DEA, EMA, HHS and PGEU GPU.


Products and Prices

Global Care Rx has partnered with many licensed pharmacies in Turkey, Canada, the United Kingdom, India and Mauritius to provide quality medicines to patients around the world. You can find all the medications you need, including prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Applying is very easy. However, if you want to buy RX brand drugs, you should ask your doctor to fax a valid prescription to the pharmacy. If you don’t, you won’t get your medicine. have a variety of medications that treat a variety of conditions, such as high blood pressure, arthritis, and hyperchloremia. In general, for the client to buy any product, they need a prescription from the doctor that clarifies the diagnosis. The best part of this site is that it offers 90% lower prices for some medications, although some are very expensive. For example, a tablet of some medications costs around $ 1.2 per tablet.

Payment and Delivery

Acceptable payment options include:

  • Electronic check
  • Personal control
  • Credit card (Visa and MasterCard)
  • International money transfers

In accordance with the pharmacy’s payment policy, all personal checks must be erased to process your order.
All payment transactions are encrypted with Secure Socket Layer technology.

The only shipping method available at is regular shipping. The standard shipping fee of $ 9.99 is charged for all orders within Canada and the United States. International orders pay standard shipping costs of $ 19.95. Average delivery times vary from 2 to 6 weeks depending on the destination.


There are many online customer reviews, some are positive and some are negative. For example, most customers are happy with the diversity of drugs and their low prices, while others are not satisfied with slow order processing and the shipping period that generally exceeds the specified time. But as he always said: “There is always room for improvement.”


Conclusion has many positive elements to talk about. First, the pharmacy has the experience to dispense medications. It is legally recognized and approved by various regulatory agencies, such as the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. While some customers have made some complaints about this pharmacy, this does not mean that it is a legitimate healthcare provider. For this reason, we give it 3 out of 5 stars. – Status Is Rogue is one of many online pharmacies that sell generic generics without a prescription. While the site looks professional from afar, there is more to it. The exact location of this company is unknown, and suggestions refer to Cambodia, Pakistan or China as the country of origin. Here is a detailed description of this site.

Business Profile

This company has never set a location in their warehouse! This looks very embarrassing. Under standard and traditional considerations, you will not be sure of their safety if a problem arises and if you need to physically reach them to find a solution. However, sources suspect that they may be in Cambodia, Pakistan or China. So how do you start buying medicine from people who are online only but not physically? Who could they be? This is an almost impossible question to answer. Not? Again, Pharma Offshore doesn’t have a live chat option or phone number. The only way to communicate with them is to send an email. This is not the only ridiculous news. Most, if not all, of the people contacting you via this email do not receive a response at all! Another undeniable defect to


Legal Approvals

This pharmacy does not comply with FDA regulations and does not have valid licenses. The fact that this company is not licensed to deal with drugs indicates that they are counterfeit drugs. So, be careful with this company.


The cost of buying medicines on this site is very cheap. Medicines like Viagra and Cialis only cost $ 2.30 per pill. With these extremely low prices, one can only wonder what the source of these drugs is. While the company claims that all of its drugs come from real manufacturing companies, we strongly doubt that is involved in cross-border smuggling.


Payment and Delivery

They accept payments through MasterCard, Visa and Bitcoin. Among other things, the most popular and acceptable PayPal, American Express and E-check cannot be used. This leaves a question mark. You certainly cannot expect a high rating. Shipping and delivery services are available at an additional cost in more than 50 countries around the world. Whether you use EMS or postal service, the standard shipping cost is $ 9. And standard airmail service costs another $ 9, making a total of $ 18. On the other hand, trackable shipping costs are $ 30 extra, for a total of $ 39. For US and Australian customers, they cannot be tracked because USPS and AU no longer support tracking. All shipments are from East Asia and it may take up to 14 days for the customer to reach them from



A review of the comments and testimonials of the site can give a clear indication of whether the platform is real or not. The certificates look real and go back to 2012-2016. There are no indications for the copied reviews. However, the available assessments are under the control of site administrators. The official may remove or edit any negative certificates as he deems appropriate. Below are screenshots of some reviews. A fraud analysis for this site with the help of a fraud advisor shows that this site has a very low confidence score. With a low confidence rate of 11%, it takes a brave person to order drugs from this site.



Although life itself is a game of chance, you must choose wisely from the opportunities available. Two stars below average. This is what we can judge after a long and careful analysis. This is strange, hardly anyone can go, especially when it comes to seeking medical help. Our advice is to avoid shopping on, and we think it should be clear. The website gives a name to a pharmacy, but does not have a doctor prescribing the correct dose for patients. This is like running without legs or wheels. If you really appreciate your life, we recommend that you search for other alternatives. – Details are Intriguing is a pharmacy that promotes itself by selling only brand name and generic pills from the most trusted pharmaceutical sources. They say that their products are of the best quality at the lowest prices. Our look at what the store has to offer customers shows that there are many problems that we cannot ignore.

Domain Information

Registration in the domain name database shows that this store may not be the most reliable. They have only been active for a month and this makes them considerably more of a scam. There are some details in the records about who owns the store. However, they only tell us that they are in Moscow, Russia.


Business Profile

While you can expect details for a Moscow-based company, the store’s pages don’t. They do not provide company information on the site for either a Russian company or any other company. This increases the chance that the store is not reliable.

Legal Approvals

Now let’s see if this new online pharmacy has obtained the required regulatory approvals or not. In the lower section of the home page, has stated that it is approved by the FDA, CPA, and But you will be surprised to know that all this is false. Actually, pharmacy has received no legal approvals as such.
To further verify this, we visit and discover that pharmacy has been branded as a fraudulent internet pharmacy. This fraudulent online pharmacy did not meet LegitScript verification standards for Internet pharmacies. Therefore, the site seems unreliable and unreliable.


Available Products has a range of brand name and generic drugs that they claim are FDA approved. They even use FDA logos on their product images. However, the FDA is not in the process of allowing pharmacies to use their logo to sell products. Its use here is not FDA approved and is more an indication that this is a scam. Unfortunately they don’t say where the pills come from, we don’t even know what country the drugs come from. This makes it very unlikely that these medications are of the highest quality and may even be fake or counterfeit. Such pills may not work and need the job you want, causing even more damage to your health. The risks of buying medications at this pharmacy are greater than they should be. Due to a lack of information, we simply don’t know where the drugs come from or if they are delivered by qualified people.


Payment and Shipping

You can place an order at in many ways. With this platform you can use your credit cards to place an order. You can use:

  • JCB
  • Visa and MasterCard
  • E-checks
  • AMEX
  • Discover
  • Diners Club

The pharmacy offers international shipping services. For example, you will receive free shipping if the order amount exceeds $ 200.




This pharmacy has a very impressive page full of excellent reviews from its customers. This is especially impressive because they haven’t been online for a long time. Positive testimonials can be very difficult even for the best companies, which is why this store seems to be working very well. However, the truth is, these are fake customer comments we’ve seen many times. The first is from June 2015, by a person whose name is very familiar to us, Diamanda Proudfoot. This is probably not a true customer review of a company and was published long before the store existed.


Conclusion is not genuine. They certainly have a fraudulent business. We rate this site with 20% confidence. Please avoid the platform. – Possibly Legitimate is a pharmacy that provides an online prescription service to people in Canada. They claim to be properly regulated and offer low prices for popular generics. We take a look at this store and find that while most things are correct, there are some concerns. Read on to find out if this store is worth considering.

Domain Information

First, you can refer to this section to find all the details about the domain information of this site. According to WhoIs, this site is not a beginner, since they started operating businesses in late 2016. The domain registration date appears as 10/13/2016, so you can understand that the site has some years of experience in the underlying industry. The domain expires on 2022-10-13. The domain is duly registered under the account holder of, LLC.


Website Layout

The website looks very well organized. It offers comprehensive online and retail pharmacy services to its Canadian patients. The website is easy to navigate and gives access to different types of medications.

Business Profile

To find out if this pharmacy has a valid domain or not, you can consult the details related to the commercial profile of this online pharmacy platform. In this case, we obtained the information through ScamAdviser. According to ScamAdviser, the site has received an extremely high confidence rating of 98%. Such a high confidence rating is a clear indication that the pharmacy is safe and reliable. It also indicates that the platform has a legitimate business. Speaking of the probability of this pharmacy in the country, it is (probably) operated from Canada. If not, the possibility of an alternative country may be the United States. No other commercial profile information of this pharmacy is mentioned. To be more precise, the name of the business owner, organization name or contact information is not identified as such. These data have been edited for privacy.


Legal Approvals and Certificates provides that the pharmacy is located in BC, Canada and therefore we hope that they are registered with the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia. If they are not registered in this way, it means that your pharmacy is operating illegally. However, a database check on the College of Pharmacists’ website shows that everything is on the table and that they are registered as they should be.


Products and Prices

You can easily order from this pharmacy site to get the medications you need. The site gives you access to brand name and generic pills that you can buy at a low price. You need a prescription to order at this pharmacy. Through the website of this pharmacy, you can easily check the availability and prices of a medicine. All you have to write, enter the name of the medication and search for it at


Prescription Requirements

This store requires that you receive a valid prescription from a Canadian physician before dispensing the medications you desire. This is an indication of a more reliable online pharmacy that acts responsibly towards the health and well-being of its customers. They give you the option to email, fax, or prescribe the recipe. The pharmacy has order forms that you can print with your prescription. They don’t offer to contact your doctor, as is common in other pharmacies, and this ordering will be difficult for some people.

Payment and Shipping

There are several types of payment options that you can use to confirm your orders at this pharmacy. To pay for an order at, you can use the following payment options, such as credit cards or money orders. Between your credit cards, you can use Visa or MasterCard to confirm your orders at this pharmacy. A shipping policy and shipping costs apply. The $ 10 fixed shipping fee will be charged on all orders. Please note that all orders are shipped through the Canada Post service.


Reading what other people think of an online pharmacy can be a good way to check whether a store is legitimate or not. By looking for reviews, we can find testimonials in different places. Comments have been posted on Yelp, Google, Facebook and a Canadian business directory called DigiCan. However, we have not found many testimonials on these sites, with only ten in total. The 5 comments posted on Google are positive and give the pharmacy a top rating from all reviewers.


Conclusion is not a scam. It appears to be a completely legal pharmacy. – Poor Credibility is an online pharmacy that strives to serve customers around the world with toll-free numbers for the US and UK. The website of this pharmacy does not currently sell prescription medications. All deliveries also come with a guarantee that they will come in discreet packages and promise to have the lowest prices in the world, which is a pretty bold claim. In this article, we are going to review all publicly available information about this online pharmacy.

Domain Information

The domain was first registered on September 29, 2018 according to WhoIs and will expire on September 29, 2020 unless the owner renews the license. This kind of life is only seen in corrupt pharmacies, so it could be one of those pharmacies. The website loads fairly quickly despite sharing its server with 573 other websites.


Business Information

There is no publicly available information about who is behind Again this is not a good sign as all online pharmacies have to disclose who owns and manages them so this website is currently breaking the law. At Scam Adviser, this pharmacy website has a 67% trust score, which is very likely because this online pharmacy has only been around for a year and doesn’t get much traffic either.

Legal Approvals

As expected, the company is not registered with an interested authority such as CIPA, MPA, PharmacyChecker, NABP, etc. This makes them an illegal company that may sell low quality products containing harmful ingredients. In addition, LegitScript reviewed the pharmacy and gave it an unfair rating. This means that products did not meet the standards set by LegitScript and could be harmful to human health when consumed.

Products and Prices

This pharmacy website lists a limited number of products compared to many other online pharmacies. As mentioned above, there is also a push from this pharmacy website to try to get you to buy higher quality products, which is a common trend on most fraudulent pharmacy websites trying to get that much money. from you because they will not execute your order first.


Payment Options

The pharmacy only accepts payments with major credit cards, including:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • AMEX

You must fax or email your prescription to place your order. After approval, you can go to the payment page and purchase your desired medicines. There is no valid SSL stamp at checkout, so they can try to steal your personal information during checkout.


Some reviews are available on third party websites, most give this website a very high score and label the online pharmacy as fraudulent. This should again give you reasons to exercise caution when using this website as there are no positive comments on third party websites that positively reflect this pharmacy website. The only positive testimonials are hosted by the pharmacy ecommerce store, but all of those testimonials were probably made by the pharmacy website owners, so you shouldn’t trust them.



By reviewing, we can safely conclude that it’s just another online pharmacy scam with no credibility. If you want to buy something for them, think again. Chances are your personal information will be stolen and there is no guarantee that you will receive your package. Therefore, avoid the pharmacy and look for reliable options. – Only Customer Support is an online pharmacy that mainly sells male supplements taken with the goal of increasing motivation and performance during intimate moments. In addition, this online pharmacy sells hundreds of other types of medications that treat a variety of health conditions. Users of this pharmacy website can choose from 7 different languages, including English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, making it easy for people around the world to use this site. Not much is known about this pharmaceutical website, so we decided to investigate it accurately and share our results in this article.

Domain Name Information

Details of domain registration for this pharmacy can be found in Whois database. This indicates that they have stopped working as a pharmacy for a long time. Short records may refer to a fraudulent pharmacy. Usually, we expect to find information about the person or company that registered and where they were. This information is missing from the management of this pharmacy. This could just be a mistake or show that they don’t want to disclose their address details to potential customers.


Company Profile

The e-commerce platform we review in this article is being sold as Canada based with its logo and other images on the website. This online pharmacy got 88% confident in Skamadviser, but it’s also important to remember that this online pharmacy is just over a year old.

Legal Approvals

Usually, we prefer finding some regulations to demonstrate that the pharmacy is working reliably for its customers. This store does not provide information or stamps to prove they have rules. When we investigate LegitScript, our concerns about the pharmacy are confirmed. They have given the status of a fraudulent company, which they say violates the laws they must follow.

Best Features

Moreover, if you have purchased products from this pharmacy’s website, you will also have the option to track your orders across this range in order to feel comfortable.

Skin care, in the category of skin care products, you will find medicines that help dry skin and acne and also prevent infection by acting as an antibacterial agent.
Cholesterol, which is a diverse group of medicinal products that rely mainly on birth control pills, is available in this section of products that lowers cholesterol in the patient’s body and prevents its occurrence in the first place.
Quit smoking, a product in this category is available that helps people quit smoking by providing small amounts of nicotine to patients and reducing cravings.
Men’s Health – In this popular product category, men have the option to purchase products that help treat male baldness, prostate cancer medications, as well as restore male productivity.
Herbs In this section, you can buy medicines made from natural ingredients and treat health problems such as inflammation, stress and digestive problems. A flat 10% discount is currently offered on all orders placed by customers on website, which is 10% lower price than any other online pharmacy.


Payment and Shipping

You pay for your order on another website. This other place has some safety precautions and you can choose from the following payment options:

  • Visa
  • AmEx
  • Discover
  • MasterCard

Shipping will cost you $ 12.95 for standard airmail service, or $ 29.95 for tracking delivery. The most expensive option takes 5-9 business days, with airmail up to 3 weeks. It also provides some free medications for men who have orders, whether they are right for you or not.

Prescription Requirements say you need a valid prescription if it is required in the laws of your country. In practice, however, it seems unlikely that they will actually order a prescription before submitting their application.


During our investigation, we were unable to find any reviews on the third-party websites on this pharmacy website, which indicates that this drug platform does not attract many visitors and therefore does not have many clients. However, interestingly, there are testimonials on this pharmacy’s website, but you should not trust them in any situation because they are on the same website they should review which means they are not trustworthy.



With the lack of information provided by and their unwillingness to be honest, this store seems like a scam. The medicines sold can be of low quality and risk to your health. Therefore, we give them only one star and we suggest that you miss it. – Licensed Drugstore is an online pharmacy that mainly sells generic prescription drugs at very competitive prices, saving users a lot of money. The pharmacy platform has a strong presence on social media, as well as a dedicated phone number where you can call or message staff who will respond as quickly as possible. Also, this pharmacists website claims to work directly with your doctor and pharmacists so that they can do all the work for you to check if you qualify for a specific prescription. In this article, we will review all claims of this site and help you make the right decision.

Domain Information

Now let’s validate the domain information of this internet pharmacy. The registrar’s name is called, LLC. The domain registration date was stated on 22-09-2016 according to WhoIs. Since the platform has been in operation since 2015, they have a few years of experience in the core industry. The domain expires on 09-22-2022. Now let’s also check the domain owner’s contact information. The domain registration organization name is specified as


Company Information

The pharmacy website is owned by a company called Mail My Prescriptions based in Florida, USA. United States of America There are quite a few shareholders in this company as the company has so far raised more than $ 10 million from investors to support its expansion across the country. This pharmacy website received 50% trust on ScamAdviser with a rating that read ‘Multiple negative reviews found’. However, no mention is made of that misleads people or is part of fraudulent activity.

Legal approvals

Now let’s validate the legal approval details for the online pharmacy. This is definitely an important part of this entire article. In this case, we use LegitScript to check whether this regulatory agency has approved a pharmacy. There are not many online pharmacies that have received LegitScript approval. Fortunately, we believe that this online pharmacy is LegitScript certified and accredited. Best of all, the online pharmacy complies with the LegitScript rules and regulations for online pharmacy verification, including security, transparency, and legal standards. For this reason, has been approved and approved by LegitScript.

Products and Prices

An advanced search engine has been created on this pharmacy website that allows you to enter the name of the drug you are looking for and within a few seconds you will get a search result. You can post your recipe from this site online or by phone, the process is quite quick and easy and if you do it twice it will go faster. Best-selling products on this platform:

  • Dutasteride, another popular product in this pharmacy, is Dutasteride, which helps urinary tract infections in women and men.
  • Bupropion, a popular, inexpensive drug that helps with anxiety and depression symptoms.
  • Fluoxetine, this prescription product is for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, substance abuse, and depression.
  • Terazosin, this product helps relieve high blood pressure known as high blood pressure.
  • Vitamin D2, this supplement for women helps keep the liver and bones healthy.


Reviews contains more than 4000 customer certificates on TrustPilot. Most of these reviews mentioned the positive aspects of this online pharmacy. The overall rating of this online pharmacy is excellent. To be more precise, 88% of customer reviews received good reviews and 9% of customer reviews received good reviews. There is only 1% – 4% negative, poor or average customer testimonial.



In short, is a convenient option for an online pharmacy thanks to excellent customer service, an excellent delivery network and low prices. From all the details we have read about this ecommerce platform, we will have to give it 4 out of 5 stars. – Unsafe to Use

Is a safe and reliable pharmacy where you can buy medicines without risk? Or are they just trying to trick customers into selling low-quality drugs that can harm their overall health? Well, to learn more about this pharmacy check out this full review. Rest assured, we have already conducted rigorous research on the so-called online pharmacy, and our results are listed below.

Domain Information

The domain name registration for this pharmacy supports the claim on the site of its existence since 1999. Of course, the long-standing store should be more reliable than the one that started this year, so it is a good signal.


Business Information

Unfortunately, this online pharmacy is not safe to use. The site has already been marked as a threat list website, which is really worrying. The site appears to be located in the United States, but ScamAdviser states that the site may operate from Mexico. However, we cannot verify details if they are true, true or false.

Regulatory approval

Good regulations help keep people safe when ordering medications online. This store does not show any signs of regulation, and they claim that the drugs they sell are approved by the FDA, but they do not show evidence to support this statement. LegitScript reviewed this pharmacy and results are not good. They classify the site as a “rogue internet pharmacy”. They believe the store is not legally authorized to sell drugs in jurisdictions that do so.

Products and Prices

The homepage of provides a simple and easy-to-navigate interface. There is a quick search option on your website that allows you to quickly search and find the drugs you are looking for! The platform contains a wide range of medicinal drugs for clients that you can buy easily. The categories of medications available include vitamins, mineral tablets and general medications. The cost of these generic drugs is not overrated. Instead, the price of these drugs is much lower than the market price.


Payment and Shipping

Although the store offers many logos for credit cards and other payment methods, it currently does not process credit card payments. In the current form, they only accept payment by electronic check and money transfer from Western Union. The site has a valid security certificate, so be sure to enter your financial information here. Shipping to the USA from is by express courier for $ 24.95. Delivery times are expected between 7 and 30 working days. Also, note that they claim it may take up to 3 days to process and ship your order. Fast delivery around the world costs $ 39.95. Estimated delivery times are between 15 and 30 days. In either case, the signature is required to accept the package.



All customer reviews posted on Facebook on behalf of this pharmacy are false and misleading. We have found that three of them have been published on their Facebook page, and it is very clear that these are some manipulated reviews.


Conclusion is a little mixed. On the one hand, they have been working with many satisfied customers for a long time. On the other hand, there is a lack of regulation and a possible suggestion of false drugs. In general, we give this pharmacy 2 out of 5 stars.