24-Meds-Online.com is an online pharmacy that mainly sells male supplements taken with the goal of increasing motivation and performance during intimate moments. In addition, this online pharmacy sells hundreds of other types of medications that treat a variety of health conditions. Users of this pharmacy website can choose from 7 different languages, including English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, making it easy for people around the world to use this site. Not much is known about this pharmaceutical website, so we decided to investigate it accurately and share our results in this article.

Domain Name Information

Details of domain registration for this pharmacy can be found in Whois database. This indicates that they have stopped working as a pharmacy for a long time. Short records may refer to a fraudulent pharmacy. Usually, we expect to find information about the person or company that registered 24-Meds-Online.com and where they were. This information is missing from the management of this pharmacy. This could just be a mistake or show that they don’t want to disclose their address details to potential customers.


Company Profile

The e-commerce platform we review in this article is being sold as Canada based with its logo and other images on the website. This online pharmacy got 88% confident in Skamadviser, but it’s also important to remember that this online pharmacy is just over a year old.

Legal Approvals

Usually, we prefer finding some regulations to demonstrate that the pharmacy is working reliably for its customers. This store does not provide information or stamps to prove they have rules. When we investigate LegitScript, our concerns about the pharmacy are confirmed. They have given 24-Meds-Online.com the status of a fraudulent company, which they say violates the laws they must follow.

Best Features

Moreover, if you have purchased products from this pharmacy’s website, you will also have the option to track your orders across this range in order to feel comfortable.

Skin care, in the category of skin care products, you will find medicines that help dry skin and acne and also prevent infection by acting as an antibacterial agent.
Cholesterol, which is a diverse group of medicinal products that rely mainly on birth control pills, is available in this section of products that lowers cholesterol in the patient’s body and prevents its occurrence in the first place.
Quit smoking, a product in this category is available that helps people quit smoking by providing small amounts of nicotine to patients and reducing cravings.
Men’s Health – In this popular product category, men have the option to purchase products that help treat male baldness, prostate cancer medications, as well as restore male productivity.
Herbs In this section, you can buy medicines made from natural ingredients and treat health problems such as inflammation, stress and digestive problems. A flat 10% discount is currently offered on all orders placed by customers on 24-Meds-Online.com website, which is 10% lower price than any other online pharmacy.


Payment and Shipping

You pay for your order on another website. This other place has some safety precautions and you can choose from the following payment options:

  • Visa
  • AmEx
  • Discover
  • MasterCard

Shipping will cost you $ 12.95 for standard airmail service, or $ 29.95 for tracking delivery. The most expensive option takes 5-9 business days, with airmail up to 3 weeks. It also provides some free medications for men who have orders, whether they are right for you or not.

Prescription Requirements

24-Meds-Online.com say you need a valid prescription if it is required in the laws of your country. In practice, however, it seems unlikely that they will actually order a prescription before submitting their application.


During our investigation, we were unable to find any reviews on the third-party websites on this pharmacy website, which indicates that this drug platform does not attract many visitors and therefore does not have many clients. However, interestingly, there are testimonials on this pharmacy’s website, but you should not trust them in any situation because they are on the same website they should review which means they are not trustworthy.



With the lack of information provided by 24-Meds-Online.com and their unwillingness to be honest, this store seems like a scam. The medicines sold can be of low quality and risk to your health. Therefore, we give them only one star and we suggest that you miss it.