365rx.com is an online pharmacy that claims to have delivered pills to 100,000 customers. They also confirm that these customers have given them a 84% satisfaction rate. Our review of this pharmacy shows that these claims are hard to believe, read on to find out why.

Domain name information

The domain name database gives us the details to register this domain address and explains what happened in 2005. While this store has been around for a long time since many fraudulent pharmacies, this is still a good indicator of a trust pharmacy. The contact information for the owner of this store does not appear in the records and the only indication of where they came from is where the registrar is located. The pharmacy owner used a Pakistani registrar, this indicates his location.

Who runs this pharmacy?

A name and business address can not be found on 365rx.com contact page. This is not great. This means we do not know who is really running this pharmacy or where it is in the world. There are no headquarters in Seychelles and it is certain that they already appear in Bangladesh, whose domain registration is an indication. Another issue is the date on which this business was established. The company was created in 2003, but only its website was created in 2005. This may indicate that this is not the first pharmacy site on the Internet and its previous store may have been closed by the authorities, although we cannot be sure.

Regulatory approvals

Looking at LegitScript, we can see that 365rx.com only saw the place to give them the “most complicated” rating. This means that they believe that the store operates outside the applicable laws of parts of the world that sell to it. This store does not give any indication that you have regulatory approval to sell medicines online. There are no seals or references that work within an organizational structure. They say the pills are safe, but don’t expect them to say otherwise.

Medicines for sale

365rx.com mainly sells generic drugs. They offer a fair selection of products including antibiotics, cholesterol treatments, herbal pills and men’s health medicines. They say most of their products are manufactured and shipped from India, but they are also shipped from England,Singapore, Canada, and Lithuania. The pharmacy does not provide any information on pharmacies involved in the distribution of its related products.

Payment and shipping

The pages on this site are protected by a valid SSL certificate that you would expect from any trusted online retailer. They only accept payments by visa or electronic check. Shipping costs are $15 for fast delivery. They claim that delivery is typically 8-15 business days and you will receive a tracking number via email.


This store claims to have received 84% satisfaction approval from more than 50,000 customers. However, when searching for 365rx.com reviews online, we can only find the Trustpilot site with very few certificates. There are very few testimonials on this site so we can all write here. Yes, they only have two client certificates. This is a surprisingly low number as they claimed 50,000 customers, it seems obvious that this was a lie.


There are many problems with this pharmacy to get a recommendation from us. They hide behind an outside education company, and we can’t say who owns it or where they are. They are not organized and do not provide enough information about it and it’s 1 star out of 5.