is an online pharmacy located in Canada according to its website. The pharmacy offers a wide range of drugs to clients all over the world. The pharmacy also provides prices lower than the average cost of medicines. It also has a professional looking website. However, we will investigate and verify the site.

Domain Information

After researching, we discovered that this pharmacy was founded almost 10 years ago. The domain was registered in November 2008. With this long life, you can easily distinguish that this pharmacy is legal. However, we couldn’t figure out the name of the record owner as they use the privacy service to hide their data. This could be because avid marketers avoid spam.


Company Information is operated by an organization with the same company name. We discovered that this company deals in the distribution of medicines through the licensed physical pharmacy in Vancouver, Canada. The address provided is valid and already present, as confirmed by Google Maps Search. The pharmacy also has authorized management centers in different parts of the world to supply medicines to international customers.
Our investigation has shown that this pharmacy is affiliated with at least five different pharmacies. However, this does not mean that they belong to an illegal marketing scheme. Other pharmacies even have completely different layouts and web designs. You can only see it if it is relevant if you do thorough research.
Interestingly, the search for a fraud advisor shows that has suspicious tendencies as it has a 46% confidence rate. Apparently, some customers have complained that their data was compromised multiple times when making payments on this platform. Therefore, you should be very careful especially when using your credit card.

Regulatory Approvals

Our investigation shows that this pharmacy is legally active because it has been licensed by the Canadian authority. Research shows that this license number is valid and that the company has met all legal requirements.

Big Mountain Drugs has multiple credits from different regulatory agencies. The pharmacy is accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) to provide prescriptions worldwide. Interestingly, there are only 63 CIPA-accredited secure pharmacies in Canada. This means that is internationally recognized.

This pharmacy has also been validated under the verification program. The pharmacy meets all inspection requirements, which also confirm that it is a real online pharmacy.


Payment and Delivery

The pharmacy accepts payments for:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa

All orders are shipped via regular airmail. The pharmacy charges a flat rate of $ 10 for all shipments, regardless of the amount of medicine you have purchased. Delivery times vary from 10 to 18 working days.

Prescription Required is very strict when it comes to buying medicines (RX). You must provide a valid prescription from a licensed physician or physician to obtain RX medications from this online pharmacy. Customers can fax, email or download their prescription from the pharmacy website. Over-the-counter medications don’t require a prescription, and customers can order them indefinitely.



We were unable to collect testimonials on this site as they do not provide opportunities for customers to post their comments. The positive reviews we found on the BBB website are not enough to help us assess the level of service at this pharmacy. Although the pharmacy is not BBB certified, it does have an A + rating.



However, is on the list of fraudulent pharmacies on and on the NABP list for the disabled. This could be because you are linked to an unsupported website. Customers also complained of fraudulent charges on their credit cards when placing an order on this site. This pharmacy seems to be attacked by malware and this has consequences for online payment transactions. Payments are not secure and customers are at risk of fraudulent charges on their credit cards. As long as this problem is not resolved, we can only give this pharmacy a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.