is an online pharmacy that offers low-cost health medications for men. They say they offer a 100% quality guarantee and sell FDA approved medicines. We check this store to see if it’s really a good place to buy your pills online.

Domain name information

This domain name was registered in 2005 and does not need to be renewed until 2022. This type of domain history indicates that this site is more of a legitimate business than a retail store using an address no more than 2 or 3 years old. Domain registration also provides information about domain ownership. In this case, we can see that it is registered by a company in Irvine, California, USA. United States of America This is also a good thing to find, as pharmacies sometimes use privacy services to hide their owners’ data.

Business contact details provides address information not only for the company that runs the store, but also for the drugstore that runs the drug. This seems to be a good indication of a safe online pharmacy to buy the drug. When we check these addresses, the Irvine business address is for a small office building. A virtual office service runs from this building, but they can also use regular office space.

Regulatory approval operates in the United States. United States of America Therefore you must follow the rules to work in this country. By checking NABP also known as the National Association of Pharmacy Councils we can see that this store is part of their pharmacy program and registered on their site. We also see that there is a stamp in the LegitScript store. By clicking on this stamp, this store appears to be LegitScript certified as part of the commercial certification program.

Prescription requirements

It is imperative that you have a prescription when ordering from this store. When you fill in your information on the site, they’ll contact you so they can get a copy of your prescription or your doctor’s details so they can get one. This correct condition for obtaining a valid prescription explains that not only does this store operate by law, but it is a safe place to purchase your medication.

Payment and shipping works with a valid security certificate to ensure that your private information cannot be intercepted when entered at the store.You can pay for the treatment by:

  • MasterCard
  • AmEx
  • Visa

Free shipping with most offers from this pharmacy. Standard USPS shipping applies to other unclassified offers. This store only ships to US addresses. US Until then, not all countries are included.


As we explained earlier, this online pharmacy has been around for a long time and as a result, of course, you expect to find many reviews on various websites. Surprisingly, we have not found any certificates for this store. Your Trustpilot page does not contain certificates and the pharmacy does not claim this. The lack of customer reviews like this should be a cause for concern as we cannot verify that the pharmacy is working correctly as suggested.


There are many reasons to recommend this pharmacy website. They have the right organization and presentation of the right address for the pharmacy. But not everything was fine. The lack of customer testimonials raises a big question mark as to whether or not these companies are really working safely. For these reasons, we give 4 out of 5 stars to