represents the domain name of a legitimate internet pharmacy in Canada. The online pharmacy is one of the trusted pharmacies that are hardly available. Strongly recommend. See why below.

Domain name information

This pharmacy has been registered since 2002-11-26 and they had enough time in the past almost 20 years to improve its services, which is what it really did. Only a few pharmacies of that age have good services. Most of them are deceptive and illegal. This one is trustworthy.


Company profile

Most illegal pharmacies tend to hide their websites. However, is clearly located in Canada. Its stores are also located in the same country. This means they have nothing to hide from their customers.


Legal approvals

Regulatory authorities are always checking the quality and source of medicines from an online pharmacy. Some even make sure to see if the pharmacy offers customers a traditionally acceptable quality of service. Therefore his interest is inevitable. been approved by all of the following regulatory and / or licensing authorities:

  • NABP has certified their prescriptions.
  • Legitcript certified because it meets the minimum accreditation requirements.
  • Scamadviser gave the pharmacy a 100% confidence rating plus note that the site appears safe.
  • However, CIPA has not yet submitted her degree. Therefore, the pharmacy is not entitled to bear the CIPA stamp




Medicines are the main concerns. Low-quality medicines make the pharmacy useless, even if they have the best services. The opposite is true and this is exactly what happens in this pharmacy. They contain a wide range of brands and generic drugs available for sale in its stores. The fraudulent pharmacy contains a few classes of drugs that sell very well in the modern world. Other drug categories, including sexual health drugs, are available to clients. The quality of the medicines in description is unbeatable. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) checks the quality of all medicines provided by the pharmacy. This clearly indicates that the drugs are the best quality.


We really liked the drug sale rates at this online pharmacy. Quality medicines, along with reasonable prices, add more value to this store. This is what every customer would generally expect in such pharmacies. Rebel pharmacies will raise prices without good reason.

Customer service

Quick, useful, and relevant are the terms we can use to describe customer service representatives for this pharmacy. Their phone numbers are sufficient for their customer base. also have an email address that you can use to report your concerns. The live chat option contributes to efficient customer service.

Payment and delivery

Every customer needs fast and safe payment. These, along with many payment options like:

  • Visa
  • Electronic checks
  • MasterCard and many others are available at this pharmacy.

Regarding delivery options, the pharmacy uses fast and safe options. Most customers confirm through their reviews that they have already received their order in good condition and on time.


Customer reviews are three out of five stars, but we believe it is the result of a negative ad campaign. For example, several review sites say they sell counterfeit or low-quality drugs, but neutral external review organizations like Legit Script said this is not a problem. Several general review contain one and two star reviews for the site, but when you look at the content it’s clearly a script. The false comments are not Latin, but it is such bad English that it could be another language. Certainly not written by real people.



Quality medicines, consult! Fast and safe delivery and payment options, consult! Renowned registered profile, check! Watch out for Custer, check! Prices are reasonable, consult! Site security, check! However, the CIPA site is not certified. This is the bitterest part of this. In general, we give pharmacy a 4-star rating.