is a pharmacy that provides an online prescription service to people in Canada. They claim to be properly regulated and offer low prices for popular generics. We take a look at this store and find that while most things are correct, there are some concerns. Read on to find out if this store is worth considering.

Domain Information

First, you can refer to this section to find all the details about the domain information of this site. According to WhoIs, this site is not a beginner, since they started operating businesses in late 2016. The domain registration date appears as 10/13/2016, so you can understand that the site has some years of experience in the underlying industry. The domain expires on 2022-10-13. The domain is duly registered under the account holder of, LLC.


Website Layout

The website looks very well organized. It offers comprehensive online and retail pharmacy services to its Canadian patients. The website is easy to navigate and gives access to different types of medications.

Business Profile

To find out if this pharmacy has a valid domain or not, you can consult the details related to the commercial profile of this online pharmacy platform. In this case, we obtained the information through ScamAdviser. According to ScamAdviser, the site has received an extremely high confidence rating of 98%. Such a high confidence rating is a clear indication that the pharmacy is safe and reliable. It also indicates that the platform has a legitimate business. Speaking of the probability of this pharmacy in the country, it is (probably) operated from Canada. If not, the possibility of an alternative country may be the United States. No other commercial profile information of this pharmacy is mentioned. To be more precise, the name of the business owner, organization name or contact information is not identified as such. These data have been edited for privacy.


Legal Approvals and Certificates provides that the pharmacy is located in BC, Canada and therefore we hope that they are registered with the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia. If they are not registered in this way, it means that your pharmacy is operating illegally. However, a database check on the College of Pharmacists’ website shows that everything is on the table and that they are registered as they should be.


Products and Prices

You can easily order from this pharmacy site to get the medications you need. The site gives you access to brand name and generic pills that you can buy at a low price. You need a prescription to order at this pharmacy. Through the website of this pharmacy, you can easily check the availability and prices of a medicine. All you have to write, enter the name of the medication and search for it at


Prescription Requirements

This store requires that you receive a valid prescription from a Canadian physician before dispensing the medications you desire. This is an indication of a more reliable online pharmacy that acts responsibly towards the health and well-being of its customers. They give you the option to email, fax, or prescribe the recipe. The pharmacy has order forms that you can print with your prescription. They don’t offer to contact your doctor, as is common in other pharmacies, and this ordering will be difficult for some people.

Payment and Shipping

There are several types of payment options that you can use to confirm your orders at this pharmacy. To pay for an order at, you can use the following payment options, such as credit cards or money orders. Between your credit cards, you can use Visa or MasterCard to confirm your orders at this pharmacy. A shipping policy and shipping costs apply. The $ 10 fixed shipping fee will be charged on all orders. Please note that all orders are shipped through the Canada Post service.


Reading what other people think of an online pharmacy can be a good way to check whether a store is legitimate or not. By looking for reviews, we can find testimonials in different places. Comments have been posted on Yelp, Google, Facebook and a Canadian business directory called DigiCan. However, we have not found many testimonials on these sites, with only ten in total. The 5 comments posted on Google are positive and give the pharmacy a top rating from all reviewers.


Conclusion is not a scam. It appears to be a completely legal pharmacy.