is an internet resource for selling Canadian drugs. It is rare because it appears to bear all the signs of a true Canadian pharmacy. But they supply medicines to clients all over the world. Most Canadian Canadian pharmacies only provide Canadian and North American clients. Read on for more details.

Domain information

This pharmacy was registered on 02/05/2002, updated on 08/29/2019 and the site will end on 2 May 2023. As you can see, this site has a longer life (more than 18 years of registration) so one can buy confidence when Participate in business conversations with this site.


Business Information is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. You know you can trust them because they provided a verified business address, phone and email address. They open from Monday to Sunday and work between 5:30 AM and 6:00 PM to use their services, you must open an account on their platform online. Then you can start looking for the medications you need. Submitting an application is a matter of following the most basic instructions. It should be noted that requests can be made by phone, email and fax. This convenience makes the company particularly attractive.


Legal approvals

He holds a license from the College of Pharmacy in British Columbia. This makes this online pharmacy a favorable seller! LegitScript, a regulatory approval body, does not recognize this pharmacy. Your approval status of this pharmacy is unfair because it does not comply with LegitScript legal rules for online pharmacies. By categorizing it as an unfair online pharmacy, LegitScript means that the pharmacy allows intentional management of medications while violating applicable laws and regulations that are easy to follow, and is not concerned with security measures when it comes to medications. However, the pharmacy is an active member of CIPA. According to PharmacyChecker, is a legitimate online pharmacy registered with the company name “Solaris Pharma Inc”. This contrasts with what we previously obtained in the domain name that says that the site was registered by “Rebel Ltd”. As mentioned in the introduction, all orders are processed on their website at Surrey at Candrug Pharmacy.


Prices, Payments and Deliveries

The prices here do not look special. But the site encourages you to contact them to find out more about all the ways you can save money. They also claim it matches any price you find online. Prescription orders must be accompanied by a valid prescription from a licensed physician. While some of the drugs sold here come from Canada, the site also uses distribution centers in countries like Singapore, the United Kingdom, India and Mauritius, to name a few. Pet medicine is available at as well. Payment is made by Visa, MasterCard and international money transfers. You can also send personal checks. But they do not take insurance. It only provides regular ground shipping which takes 4-18 working days depending on the location. Customers pay a flat fee of $ 10, but this number may vary depending on the destination.



Looking at the testimonials posted on their website, we conducted a literary theft examination in their site’s review department and determined that the site is not 100% legitimate as claimed. Some comments have been found on 8 other websites selling products online through their websites. Legitimate customer reviews give the customer a reliable period during the transactions.


Conclusion earns 4 stars out of 5. They couldn’t be more legitimate if they tried. You cannot doubt their prices, recipe service, accreditation, or ratings. Everything related to this site forces you to trust them.