is an online pharmacy that claims to sell prescription and over-the-counter medicines. They claim to be a reliable and trustworthy online pharmacy with over a decade of experience. They also claim to live in British Columbia, on the borders of the United States and Vancouver International Airport. On the ‘About Us’ page, they claim to be an accredited member of CIPA and PharmacyChecker and sell high quality medicines shipped from the UK, India, Mauritius, Turkey, New Zealand, Singapore and Canada. Check out the review below.

Domain information

This site was created on July 4, 2013. It has been running for almost 7 years and it is neither good nor bad. Seven years indicates is here to stay. Fraudulent websites are usually short-lived, but there are tricks that go online for a relatively long time these days.


Mirror sites

Unlike most phishing websites, the Canadian pharmacy has no other visible website. Therefore, we were unable to verify the phishing website based on matching websites. Most websites often have websites that correspond to online fraud. However, trust is necessary before buying a drug from a pharmacy. Although the website has a relatively good trust rating, it still has a trait of fraud sites, because the fraud advisor identified the website as a low risk. The site also uses a service to hide its identity, but we doubt we are from the United States, a high-risk country.

Commercial file opened in 2003. It employs a team of professionals with the mission to connect with consumers and meet their needs. The head office is located in Surrey, near Vancouver. Like most medical companies online, they obtain drugs from third parties and sell and then deliver them to consumers. They claim to have processed over a hundred thousand requests in the years the website was active. It also has nearly a hundred thousand satisfied customers.


From the ‘About Us’ page, the site claims to be a member of both the CIPA and the pharmacy auditor. They even have a CIPA and PharmacyChecker stamp on their page. This prompted us to search both the CIPA database and the LegitScript database. What we discovered were really CIPA members.


Prices, payments and deliveries

This online pharmacy has very friendly price tags. It promises its customers that they can enjoy a discount of up to 85% by placing orders through their website. This is in contrast to dealing with a regular pharmacy in the United States. When it comes to payments, accepts international financial requests, credit cards and personal checks. Orders are shipped all over the world. Regular deliveries charge $ 10, while international deliveries can cost up to $ 25. The pharmacy only offers regular ground shipping and it can take up to 18 days for customers to receive their package.



We couldn’t find any reviews on the internet. This can be very strange for a website that has been active for 7 years. We expect that over the seven years they have gathered many customers who are willing to evaluate them with regard to the type of services they provide. We strongly doubt this and urge customers not to shop at this online drugstore. The pharmacy also has no online reviews, just copy the certificates from Facebook. The lack of very suspicious assessments of the health of the pharmacy. Therefore, we recommend that you do not shop at an online pharmacy that does not provide proof of approval through customer reviews.


Conclusion gets 2 out of 5 stars, they certainly have some problems. Customer reviews are not encouraging.