is a trusted online pharmacy offering great brand name and generic deals. Located in Canada, this pharmacy is one of the few online pharmacies you can trust, thanks to the speed of drug delivery and reliable customer service. Here are some reasons why we recommend this online provider.

Web platform

This pharmacy has a very professional website with an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate interface. You can explore different products with relative ease, as they are categorized accordingly. The domain was registered on May 16, 2002, which means that the pharmacy has been in use for 18 years. Its presence in the pharmaceutical industry has grown steadily over the past decade, despite the volatile nature of this type of business.

Company name and address

The name of is simple and easy to remember. This simple company name might be one of the reasons most customers easily understand a pharmacy. As mentioned above, the pharmacy is based in Canada. However, the owner prefers to keep the important company information privacy to avoid hacker and spam attacks. However, you can contact customer service by email or by using the phone numbers provided.

Medicines for sale

This pharmacy provides high-quality brand name, generic medicines and health products. While some of the best sellers include health medications for men, they also offer drugs for diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure, weight loss, skin care and other pharmaceutical supplies.

Recipe policy

You do not need a prescription to buy medicines at This means you can access any kind of medication when you need it. This is very useful, especially in emergency situations, because you do not have to wait days or even weeks for your prescription to be approved.

Payment and Delivery

Payment options only include Visa and MasterCard. The pharmacy has an SSL certificate, which means that all credit card payments are safe. Your personal data is encrypted and cannot be compromised when performing transactions. offers its products through standard airmail service and trackable shipping service. Regular airmail costs are as low as $ 9.95 per package and deliveries take 2-3 weeks. Trackable shipping is much faster. It costs $ 19.95 and delivery takes less than 10 days. As mentioned above, free shipping is available for orders over $ 200.

Customer Reviews and Comments

The pharmacy clearly has many satisfied customers, if current reviews and certifications are a must go through. Most of the customers are passionate about express delivery, quality medicines, reasonable prices and great customer service. But not at BBB, and it’s surprising.


It is easy to see that is a legitimate pharmacy. The pharmacy is accredited by various regulatory agencies, including CIPA, MIPA and CPA. These certificates frequently explain that this pharmacy provides safe drugs for human use. In addition, they provide drugs at discounted prices, giving everyone access to affordable healthcare. If you are looking for a real pharmacy that provides you with a reliable platform where you can shop with confidence. Most corrupt pharmacies often disappear after a few months of use, to prevent audiences from being suspected or tracked by the authorities. Given these positive developments, we give this pharmacy 4 out of 5 stars!