is one of the best known online pharmacies serving different clients from all over the world with high quality generic drugs. However, many questioned whether the site was legitimate or a scam. Therefore, to separate the axis from the grain, we need to go into some important details that will help us get an overview of the site. However, before going into too much detail, it is clear from some customer reviews that the site is not 100% original. Therefore, before taking a step on the website to buy your medications, you must read and understand what your transactions entail.

Domain Information

Several mirror sites flooded the Internet. Caution is recommended as they can mislead or provide misleading information that can lead to loss. So in this case when searching this site, the domain information is, which was registered in 2015.


Business Information

Genmed Commerce is located at this site in Singapore. The first result we found when searching for this address shows us that this is a virtual office service and not a real commercial site. So what we found is my mailbox address pretending to be real offices and we think it’s a fake company certificate. It doesn’t look very good yet.


Legal Approvals

For starters, licenses, certificates and approvals are absolutely essential when it comes to distinguishing a legitimate website from a fraudulent website. claims to sell high quality FDA certified products, although many regulators do not recognize them. For example, you turned CIPA, NABP, and LegitScript into a fraudulent website.

Available Products

The drugs available in this store cover a wide range of conditions. It appears to primarily offer generic pills instead of the more expensive brands.
They support shipping medications from different parts of the world, although there are no established pharmacy locations. They repeat the lie that these international pharmacies are regulated by the FDA, even though they are outside the jurisdiction of the FDA. We suspect that most drugs will originate from Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, and China, which are known to produce the majority of counterfeit drugs in the world. Strange that are suspiciously trying to deny any relationship with China.


Payment and Delivery

You can buy medicines with credit cards on this site, as well as Echeck, bank transfer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Ethereum. The site has the appropriate security certificates (confirmed by GeoTrust) to provide you with some security when entering your financial information on the site.

Prescription Requirements

Although they ask you to see a doctor, they do not need to send you a copy of the prescription. You can email the prescription, which the pharmacist says will review, as well as any medical information they provide, to make sure there are no problems. If your pharmacist really checks to see if there is a problem with your order, we have our doubts.

Reviews is a wonderful global company with an attractive reputation that draws criticism from around the world. When you use it on Google, you have different comments on social media. A closer look at the reviews makes them look real as they have spread across multiple websites. So with this information, we can give the site the advantage of suspecting it to be safe.



We originally asked the question: is the safe? Our conclusion, after much research, probably not, and therefore we have a 2 stars out of 5. This is just below average despite some good customer reviews, but unfortunately badly outperformed this pharmacy.