Evo-Pharmacy.com is a pharmacy that promotes itself by selling only brand name and generic pills from the most trusted pharmaceutical sources. They say that their products are of the best quality at the lowest prices. Our look at what the store has to offer customers shows that there are many problems that we cannot ignore.

Domain Information

Registration in the domain name database shows that this store may not be the most reliable. They have only been active for a month and this makes them considerably more of a scam. There are some details in the records about who owns the store. However, they only tell us that they are in Moscow, Russia.


Business Profile

While you can expect details for a Moscow-based company, the store’s pages don’t. They do not provide company information on the site for either a Russian company or any other company. This increases the chance that the store is not reliable.

Legal Approvals

Now let’s see if this new online pharmacy has obtained the required regulatory approvals or not. In the lower section of the home page, Evo-Pharmacy.com has stated that it is approved by the FDA, CPA, and PharmacyChecker.com. But you will be surprised to know that all this is false. Actually, pharmacy has received no legal approvals as such.
To further verify this, we visit LegitScript.com and discover that pharmacy has been branded as a fraudulent internet pharmacy. This fraudulent online pharmacy did not meet LegitScript verification standards for Internet pharmacies. Therefore, the site seems unreliable and unreliable.


Available Products

Evo-Pharmacy.com has a range of brand name and generic drugs that they claim are FDA approved. They even use FDA logos on their product images. However, the FDA is not in the process of allowing pharmacies to use their logo to sell products. Its use here is not FDA approved and is more an indication that this is a scam. Unfortunately they don’t say where the pills come from, we don’t even know what country the drugs come from. This makes it very unlikely that these medications are of the highest quality and may even be fake or counterfeit. Such pills may not work and need the job you want, causing even more damage to your health. The risks of buying medications at this pharmacy are greater than they should be. Due to a lack of information, we simply don’t know where the drugs come from or if they are delivered by qualified people.


Payment and Shipping

You can place an order at Evo-Pharmacy.com in many ways. With this platform you can use your credit cards to place an order. You can use:

  • JCB
  • Visa and MasterCard
  • E-checks
  • AMEX
  • Discover
  • Diners Club

The pharmacy offers international shipping services. For example, you will receive free shipping if the order amount exceeds $ 200.




This pharmacy has a very impressive page full of excellent Evo-Pharmacy.com reviews from its customers. This is especially impressive because they haven’t been online for a long time. Positive testimonials can be very difficult even for the best companies, which is why this store seems to be working very well. However, the truth is, these are fake customer comments we’ve seen many times. The first is from June 2015, by a person whose name is very familiar to us, Diamanda Proudfoot. This is probably not a true customer review of a company and was published long before the store existed.



Evo-Pharmacy.com is not genuine. They certainly have a fraudulent business. We rate this site with 20% confidence. Please avoid the platform.