is a pharmacy that claims to only provide the highest quality medicine to customers. Their prices are low too, so can you trust them? Our vision of their services indicates that anyone who trusts this pharmacy will be very wrong.

Domain name information

Looking at the field record shows that this store is not new. They have been registered for 8 years. When it comes to the contact information of the person or company that registered the domain, we were lucky here. They choose to use the domain name service to hide their information and this is something we often see in fake stores.


Mirror Pharmacies

When we go to this pharmacy site, we immediately see a problem. This is a mirror page that we have seen many times before using different domain names. This is not a good thing and makes it very likely that a pharmacy will not provide good service to its customers.

Commercial contact information

The contact information provided by this pharmacy is the same as in other mirror stores. They provide an address in the Czech Republic. However, the trade name does not appear to represent a real business, and there is no indication that this is the case. The address is a real office building, although it may be a completely fake mailbox or address, we cannot confirm any of the cases.

Regulatory approvals

If you are looking for a pharmacy that works according to regulations, this store does not look like it. They do not display any organizational stamps on the site and do not mention anything that suggests that they work reliably and professionally.


Medicine supplied

The primary focus of this pharmacy appears to be the men’s health market, although it also offers a number of other treatments. There is a passing mention on the FAQ page that the pills are being shipped from India. They do not give the name of the pharmacy that distributes the medicine, so we have no way to check if this is done professionally. This leads us to believe that the pills sold by this pharmacy may not be of the high quality that you claim or want. It looks like they are probably selling counterfeit and counterfeit drugs from this site. This poses a significant risk to the health of anyone who depends on the medications sold by this pharmacy.


Payment and shipping

The logging of this pharmacy ends on another site with some security. They pay for their products using the following methods:

  • Mastercard credit card
  • Bitcoin

These limited options are not what you would expect from a regular online retailer and they do not seem to work professionally.


The reviews of can be found on the certification page of this site. However, the comments on the page are not correct and can also be seen on other mirror pages. They use false criticisms like this to try to persuade potential buyers that they are trustworthy, but the truth could not be further from the truth.



We only give one star to this misleading pharmacy. They are a mirror shop for many other stores and are unlikely to offer reliable quality pills to their customers. They have no organization and we really don’t know who they are or where they are. The information they provide is false, as is the testimony of their customers.