is another online pharmacy that you have no reason to trust. Do not be afraid of the reasons for reaching such a conclusion. We explain why below. Read on.


Pharmacy claims to sell medicines online and worldwide. She doesn’t have a specific place to work from, and many people have a chance of where he really can be (we’ll talk about that later). It certainly provides medicines at low prices and this may attract you to buy medicines with them.

The source of the drug

We just mentioned that delivers medicines at very low prices, which makes you wonder if the manufacturer is earning or doing charity work. Therefore, the drug is very likely to come from cross-border smuggling and there is a high risk of poisoning. So take care of yourself, please.

The location

Unknown. The site uses some kind of technology to hide your identity. Although some claim to work from India, some Bangladesh and many others, we are very convinced that these colleagues work from the Netherlands. We have more than needed guide. The cache hides a lot. This means something funky is going on. This goes without saying. Just tell us if you want to buy drugs from an unidentified person. Maybe something else, but not drugs.  Contact Information

Contact with on-site customer support agents is by email only. There is no possibility of live chat or any other reliable communication strategy. Why? To make things worse, even after sending an email, I’m not sure of a quick and appropriate response. Something must be wrong somewhere. This indicates that these business operators expect to be bothered by difficult questions that they cannot answer. Therefore, they do not want to be available to answer what they really cannot. This is a lack of confidence in what they are doing. Is it not?


Payment options

To begin with, payments to this site are secured by the site using HTTPS to protect data. This is cool, but you really don’t expect them to secure the payments. They need money.nThe payment options accepted by are Mastercard and Visa. There is no Bitcoin, no Paypal, no American Express, no GCB, no electronic check and no other payment options! However, a good site should include PayPal among the payment options it offers. Why? We can hear you ask. This is because with Paypal you can easily request a successful refund. You probably know what I mean. So this online pharmacy is a scam. Understand that it is not like astronomy.


People’s opinions say a lot about whether something is reliable or not. Unfortunately on this site, we realize that the customer feedback section does not have a single real positive review. For example, we noticed that Carmel, Mark and Tom are positively reviewing different pharmacies, and this indicates a pure lie.



All of the above has a 1 star rating for . Not the other way around. Hidden, irresponsibility, anonymity and many others certainly make you worth it. Our free advice to you is to avoid this online pharmacy like a plague. You will be an example to others of the slogan that say “cheap is expensive”. Also, ask your friends to ask their friends not to buy from a star as a pharmacy unless they have free lives and resources to use if they lose the star they now own. Good luck!