is an online pharmacy selling a variety of drugs at the lowest prices. They sell high-quality drugs without a prescription. Your claim is strictly confidential and make sure that consumers receive their products on time. They also have coupon codes for consumers who buy drugs in large quantities. Let’s go deeper and find out more about this online pharmacy.

Domain information

The site domain was created on May 4, 2017. It has two updates since it expired and it is due to expire on November 24, 2021. This domain has been active for some time now, so we could not notice the site as a hoax based on the age of the domain. The most trivial website lasts just under a year. whoisindian

Related sites

Indianpharmaonline.comĀ  is linked to many suspicious websites. Most of these sites are the United Kingdom and Ukraine and a few are dependent on Russia and India. All of these countries are high-risk countries and engage in fraudulent activities, and therefore may lead us to believe that is a fraudulent site. However, they do not share the same URL, because these other websites are not related to pharmacy, but they do share services that may be involved in money laundering, such as casinos and online games.

Company file is probably from Chile but is working in Portugal. We can find other information on the pharmacy profile where they use a service to hide their identity. Since this site is an online pharmacy, we expect to obtain approvals from many regulatory agencies like CIPA LegitScript and pharmacy examination. The fact that none of these seals are on their site has made us verify any of the regulators’ databases. is not a registered member of CIPA, nor is it a member of any other regulatory agency. LegitScript lists the site as a fraudster, which means that he may be involved in fraudulent activities or sell poor quality products that may not be safe for human consumption.

Payment had no payment option on its site. When a customer makes purchases through the website, they are redirected to another website where they continue to check out. The site accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB and bitcoin.


We were unable to find any real customer feedback about the site. This is very strange for a site that has been running for two years. Expect to have customers during this period who would like to share their experiences with the site. As such, we suspect that the site is very new, but is used in the old domain or may have been able to change names for the purpose of tricking people. reviews0305ind


In general, looks suspicious. We can determine why they want to file their commercial file if they are really honest. The data on the website also looks fake and may have been created. The fact that the site lacks certification is also suspicious. So it is important not to shop with this online pharmacy. However, the site deserves a one-star rating.