It is a New Zealand based pharmacy. They claime to be the a number one pharmacy in New Zealand. But we do some research and find that this statement is incorrect. There is a lot wrong with this pharmacy that even calls it a legitimate website. Below is our full review.

The Origin

The site was launched in 2007 and offers very cheap medications. Usually over-the-counter and diabetic medications, as well as illnesses to treat allergies, coughs, and colds. The company does not have recognizable certification seals that can help demonstrate that it is legitimate. They claim that their pharmacy offers online medical service through their UK subsidiary and is registered with the Quality of Care Commission to provide prescriptions online. However, there is no information available at all. Kiwi Drug is a New Zealand-based company that has launched its website in support of its brick and mortar store, which has been in business for over 40 years.


The payment page for does not contain an SSL certificate. This makes it dangerous for customers to execute a transaction. SSL certification does not mean that your transaction is not fully secured. All original sites have an SSL certificate. An international pharmacy without SSL certification raises many questions. This site can be part of a big scam. This site does not contain any seal of a licensing authority to demonstrate that it is a legitimate pharmacy. It is a big concern for customers. Every pharmacy must receive regulatory approval to be called a true pharmacy. This is a great statement that this site is a scam. All legal pharmacy stores carry seals from the licensing authorities. A pharmacy that does not have regulatory approvals may contain drugs that are not safe to use. Therefore, it is recommended not to buy anything from this store.

Available Products

This company offers a selection of Rx medications, but does not require a prescription from your doctor. The reason for this is that they appear to have their own staff of licensed physicians and pharmacists, who can be consulted for a prescription to purchase this type of medication. Since does not have a reliable reputation, the competence and validity of its employees’ licenses must be questioned.

Payments and delivery

The pharmacy website accepts the following payment options:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • JCB
  • AmEx

There is no specific data for the courier service that this company uses to deliver orders. There are no shipping charges for orders over $ 100, while for orders under $ 100, shipping charges of $ 7 must be paid. The time it takes to deliver an application to your home depends on the distance it is delivered. The company also provides its customers with a tracking ID to verify the current status of their orders.


Most dissatisfied customers complained about long shipping times, lack of tracking numbers, and poor quality of incoming medications. Some of the most prominent complaints indicate that their credit card was collected from an online dating service after purchasing medications from the site. While most of these claims appear to be true, the company has responded to many negative reviews that have attempted to refute customer arguments. Interestingly, after a lot of negative feedback from disgruntled customers, there was a sudden wave of overly positive feedback, which suddenly praised the fast shipping and quality of service.


This has been a real store for over 40 years and an online pharmacy for almost 13 years. In general, an illegal pharmacy does not last long on the Internet. Your customer feedback is also great. Furthermore, the identity of the site is also hidden. Its relations with dangerous foreign countries are also a problem. There are many problems with this site that make us think it is a scam. We give 2 out of 5 stars.