Powerful effect for 8 hours.

“Levitra” is exactly that what can be called a “new word” in pharmaceutic. In spite of the fact that Levitra appeared on sale relatively recently, it quickly managed to win the trust of men all over the world. This is due to the fact that during the development of the drug, its creators took into account a lot of shortcomings of the existing at that time means that helped with erectile dysfunction, which allowed them to create a perfect drug that can be relied on without a shadow of a doubt.

  1. Country of drug origin: India
  2. Main active ingredient: Vardenafil 20 mg
  3. Shelf life: 5 years
  4. Packaging: Blister preparation
  5. Delivery: by courier and post office
  • – The reaction to the drug occurs after 10 minutes
  • – Valid even in the presence of diabetes, hypertension and obesity
  • – Virtually no side effects
  • – You can safely use with alcohol same time
  • – Helps in more than 90% of cases

To make sure of the quality, and decide on the choice of a particular drug, we recommend to try the minimal dosage first.

About the treatment:

What is so special about Levitra and how does it stand out against other drugs? All this is easy enough to explain. For a normal erection in the penis should be a certain amount of nitric oxide. This substance helps to relax the muscles and blood is poured into the cavernous body of the penis. And this is exactly what this treatment does, because it controls the amount of nitric oxide. As soon as the brain receives a signal for excitation, the amount of nitric oxide increases under the influence of the drug and normal conditions for erection are provided. Effect of the preparation starts very quickly – in 10-20 minutes after using the drug. Thanks to this, it can be safely called “fast intimate help”. Levitra operates up to 8-12 hours, which is enough to enjoy all the delights of pastime with a woman.

For whom it was created?

Why should I take Levitra if I have drugs that give an effect more than a day? According to some scientists, this treatment acts more strongly than other drugs of this group. That’s why it turns out to be effective when other medicines do not work well enough, or even do nothing at all – this drug has extremely high efficiency. To begin with, a few figures that say that “Levitra” is really better than the drugs produced earlier. Since the creation of the drug has passed more than one year. During this time, both drug manufacturers and scientists from many countries conducted almost a hundred clinical trials of this tool. In clinical trials, men of various ages, up to ninety years, participated. The causes of erectile dysfunction, among such a wide range of subjects, were also very different. When using the standard Levitra dosage, an improvement in potency was noted in more than ninety percent of the subjects.

For many men, only with the advent of the sale of this drug, there was a chance to solve their intimate problems – in this sense, the significance of the appearance of the drug on the market is comparable to “Viagra.” This is due to the fact that due to the peculiarities of the drugs that existed before the preparation, they could rarely be prescribed for patients with cardiovascular problems, including men with diabetes. It so happened that it is these ailments that are almost the most common causes of the development of erectile dysfunction. The treatment of such patients was useless, and if we bear in mind the side effects of many drugs, including painful ones. Everything has changed and thanks to this tool.

And this is not its only advantage. The drug practically does not provoke the development of side effects, when as the rest preparations of this group often cause headaches or temporary problems with digestion. In addition, this preparation can easily be combined with alcohol – this in no way will affect the effect of the drug.


As already mentioned below, the appearance of erectile dysfunction is most often caused by diseases such as obesity, heart disease or blood vessels, diabetes mellitus. If today to conduct a survey of residents of developed countries at the age of fifty years, few will not find at least one of these diseases, and in fact due to them, and suffers the development of the main male hormone – testosterone. Often, problems with erection can be caused by stress and general psychological difficulties. This treatment is one of the most effective means for restoring a comfortable life for a man.

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