is an online pharmacy that mainly sells generic prescription drugs at very competitive prices, saving users a lot of money. The pharmacy platform has a strong presence on social media, as well as a dedicated phone number where you can call or message staff who will respond as quickly as possible. Also, this pharmacists website claims to work directly with your doctor and pharmacists so that they can do all the work for you to check if you qualify for a specific prescription. In this article, we will review all claims of this site and help you make the right decision.

Domain Information

Now let’s validate the domain information of this internet pharmacy. The registrar’s name is called, LLC. The domain registration date was stated on 22-09-2016 according to WhoIs. Since the platform has been in operation since 2015, they have a few years of experience in the core industry. The domain expires on 09-22-2022. Now let’s also check the domain owner’s contact information. The domain registration organization name is specified as


Company Information

The pharmacy website is owned by a company called Mail My Prescriptions based in Florida, USA. United States of America There are quite a few shareholders in this company as the company has so far raised more than $ 10 million from investors to support its expansion across the country. This pharmacy website received 50% trust on ScamAdviser with a rating that read ‘Multiple negative reviews found’. However, no mention is made of that misleads people or is part of fraudulent activity.

Legal approvals

Now let’s validate the legal approval details for the online pharmacy. This is definitely an important part of this entire article. In this case, we use LegitScript to check whether this regulatory agency has approved a pharmacy. There are not many online pharmacies that have received LegitScript approval. Fortunately, we believe that this online pharmacy is LegitScript certified and accredited. Best of all, the online pharmacy complies with the LegitScript rules and regulations for online pharmacy verification, including security, transparency, and legal standards. For this reason, has been approved and approved by LegitScript.

Products and Prices

An advanced search engine has been created on this pharmacy website that allows you to enter the name of the drug you are looking for and within a few seconds you will get a search result. You can post your recipe from this site online or by phone, the process is quite quick and easy and if you do it twice it will go faster. Best-selling products on this platform:

  • Dutasteride, another popular product in this pharmacy, is Dutasteride, which helps urinary tract infections in women and men.
  • Bupropion, a popular, inexpensive drug that helps with anxiety and depression symptoms.
  • Fluoxetine, this prescription product is for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, substance abuse, and depression.
  • Terazosin, this product helps relieve high blood pressure known as high blood pressure.
  • Vitamin D2, this supplement for women helps keep the liver and bones healthy.


Reviews contains more than 4000 customer certificates on TrustPilot. Most of these reviews mentioned the positive aspects of this online pharmacy. The overall rating of this online pharmacy is excellent. To be more precise, 88% of customer reviews received good reviews and 9% of customer reviews received good reviews. There is only 1% – 4% negative, poor or average customer testimonial.



In short, is a convenient option for an online pharmacy thanks to excellent customer service, an excellent delivery network and low prices. From all the details we have read about this ecommerce platform, we will have to give it 4 out of 5 stars.