claims to be an American pharmacy selling high-quality generic pills. They say they have easy access to the drug and have been active for 6 years. We have discovered many amazing things about this pharmacy, but none of them are good.

Domain name information

The information in the domain registrations shows that this store has only been around since 2017. It is not easy to trust an online pharmacy with a shorter history, and that these stores are more than just a scam from more established websites. We can also see from the registry that the domain is registered with a Chinese registrar, despite the address provided in Sweden of the owner’s contact address. This Dutch address provides the road, city, and zip code, but does not provide a commercial property number and is therefore incomplete. The name “Perfect Domain Solution” is given as the organization that registered the address.

Business Contact Information has an address in Los Angeles, California. The address they give is 2013 Avenida Del Canada, the address that appears mixed. When we check this address, we quickly figure it out. Avenida Del Canada is not in Zip Code 91748 on the site. There is a major street in the north and a major street in the south, but there is no central street. Very unlikely that if this is your actual address, they have simply forgotten to add whether it is north or south.

Regulatory approval

This online pharmacy claims to work from the United States, although we very much doubt that this is true. They must have NABP accreditation for an online pharmacy in the United States. Instead, this site does not provide any evidence that it is operating in accordance with regulations. When we contacted LegitScript, we discovered that they considered this store a fraudulent business entity. Lack of legal approval needed to operate and non-compliance with accepted standards for pharmaceutical practices. One of the weird things we’ve noticed in this store is that they seem to have LSD on sale on their site. A strong hallucinogen is not considered a medicinal use and has been banned in most countries.

Who owns this store?

We don’t think the owner of is in United States and not Dutch for sure. The evidence seems to point more towards Pakistan. This belief is strongly promoted by posting information about Western Union and MoneyGram payment recipients on the payment page.

Available medications offers medical supplies in a variety of categories. Existing prices are very low, which raises questions about the quality of the grains. They say they are supplied with generic brand names and grains and they seem to indicate that the grains are shipped from India, although they do not mention exactly where in India. It also does not require a prescription, which is a common feature of fraudulent pharmacies.

Payment and shipping

The payment page in this store is unsafe, which means that anyone can recover your information and this is a risk that should not be taken. They only accept Visa, MoneyGram and Western Union as payment methods. Shipping costs seem pretty expensive for $55 for a flat rate shipping.


Looking for comments for we could not find any, however, we have found a not great forum post from a customer who was scammed by them.


Despite the efforts of this store to pretend they are in the US, we know they are owned by someone in Pakistan. They lack regulations and sell illegal drugs. Do not buy drugs in this store, 1 out of 5 stars.