is a concierge treatment service. Helps men overcome sexual conditions and diseases. It does this by partnering with health care providers to find more effective ways to combat diseases that affect their patients.

Domain information

A look at the domain name records shows that the address of this store has been registered since 2002. This usually indicates that the pharmacy is more than a business. What is not good to see is that they use domain name privacy so their contact details don’t appear in the logs. This often comes across an unreliable pharmacy record, so finding it here isn’t a problem.


Business Information

The website is definitely American, even though there are connections to other countries. From business address, you can see where the store offices are located in Florida. The company describes itself as a defense service. To enjoy their offers, you must open an account on their website. This includes providing essential personal and medical information. After checking your account, you can sit and wait for the site to work for you. When you visit a doctor and as soon as this doctor diagnoses you and recommends a treatment option, he will send your prescription to this company. Qualified site personnel assess your situation and then contact you to discuss possible solutions. Once an agreement is reached, they leave your medical treatment to a pharmaceutical partner.


Legal approvals website works through a number of retail partners. They say that these pharmacies they work with are fully certified and provide high quality service. These stores are located in the U.S.A., not all details are available on this site. Therefore, we can absolutely not validate what they say, although we did not find any indication of a problem here.


Prices and products

Products sold on this platform at competitive prices. The company negotiates the pricing of quantities on behalf of its clients to ensure that it does not pay more than it owes. You can also subscribe to discount offers in your email.
The company works with men to treat sexual conditions. offers include injection, implants, vacuum devices and gels, to name a few. If traditional treatments don’t work, you can rely on this platform to find alternative treatment options for you.

Payments and delivery

Payment options are generally discussed after site employees contact patients. Products are usually shipped the same day upon receipt of orders, except for special circumstances such as holidays. Autocomplete members get free shipping. You can return the non-prescription medication within 30 days if the package does not change.

Reviews offers some customer testimonials on the homepage. These comments will appear on the site to show they are legitimate and to encourage more people to register and shop with the company.



We were unable to identify any major problems with the service they provide, and it appears that we are providing good support to their customers. There are some problems with transparency of supply and costs on demand through this site. We give 4 stars.