– Fraudulent Activity is an online pharmacy specializing in providing sexual health products to clients worldwide. The pharmacy claims to offer solutions for couples facing sexual health problems by offering cheap generic medications online. Although this pharmacy seems real, we are skeptical about its activities. This is what we should say about this pharmacy.

Domain information

Now let’s quickly reveal the domain information of this fraudulent pharmacy that runs a scam and cheats ordinary customers like you. The original domain registration date for this website is 11/28/2016 (according to So the platform has been running for almost 4 years. In addition, the pharmacy did not provide / disclose information about the contact details of the registrant.


Company information

The company that runs is called “Via Best Buy”. However, there is no information on the validity of this company’s name because it is not registered anywhere. Also, no information is available about the address of this pharmacy. Lack of contact information is kind of weird. Most real pharmacies provide reliable contact information, especially from a company that claims to be legitimate, including the company’s name, address, email address, and phone numbers.

Legal approvals

As expected, the platform doesn’t really have regulatory approval. This is mainly because it is a fairly fraudulent online pharmacy. According to, this pharmacy website is not registered in the valid member database. Similarly, has stated that it is a fraudulent pharmacy that does not meet the criteria and protocols that has defined or specified.

Available medications only deals with sexual health products like:

  • Levitra
  • Cialis
  • Viagra
  • Priligy

These medications address sexual challenges such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Best Buy strives to offer these medications to customers worldwide at very reasonable prices. All medications available on this platform are public. However, the fact that this pharmacy does not have a valid license raises questions about the quality of these medications.
The shape and color of generic drugs provided on this platform are not the same as those of similar brand name drugs. Also, the name used to describe generic drugs differs from the names printed on brand name drugs. While this is a real problem regarding patent rights, we still doubt the quality of these drugs.


Payment and Delivery accepts various types of online payment methods that allow you to place an order. For example, you can apply through MasterCard or Visa. Similarly, you can also use Bitcoin to place your orders. Unfortunately, the platform does not require a prescription before purchasing medications. You can be sure that you can buy your favorite medications without giving a prescription.
When it comes to delivery methods, the site has two shipping methods, such as USPS Tracked Express Shipping and USPS Regular Shipping. In the case of USPS Express Shipping with tracking, it takes between seven and ten days to receive the ordered products. The shipping cost for USPS Express Shipping with Tracking is $ 39. But the shipping cost will be fully removed if you place an order of $ 150 or more. Similarly, normal USPS shipping costs are $ 29. For USPS regular shipping, orders will ship to your location within 10-18 days. Freight (USPS standard shipping) will not apply if you place an order for $ 80 or more.



This pharmacy has many positive reviews on its website. Just because writing a review gives you a $ 30 discount means that most visitors will write positively about the site to enjoy the special discount. We decided to check reviews on third-party platforms and what surprised us.


Given our cumulative results, it can be said that is a random, incompatible, and unapproved pharmacy that sells low-quality medications. This is why we rate this pharmacy with only 2 stars out of 5 overall rating. Stay away from this pharmacy and don’t buy your medications. – High Standard appears to be a registered nonprofit pharmacy that sells drugs at reasonable prices to the people who need them most. The company is testing its eligibility for those who need access to its services. With a team of certified pharmacists working around the clock to check prescriptions, the pharmacy sells a wide variety of medicines and other medicines. After a thorough investigation of this online pharmacy, we discovered that it is a legitimate pharmacy. Below is a full description of our results.

Domain Information

As mentioned above, online pharmacies in the United States are operated by, LLC. This company (domain name registrar and administrator) has had a prominent profile for a long time. She has few FDA warnings and she is not recent. We are therefore free to conclude that Rx Outreach can only rely on your company profile. was initially recorded on April 9, 2004.

Business Profile

The pharmacy has a specific brand name that remains constant across all licensing platforms and other websites used to publicize approved companies. It is clearly listed as a U.S. pharmacy that provides access to health products and services at affordable prices. The pharmacy owner is based in the United States, as well as California’s IP address website. Also, the owner’s email address is not linked to any other website.

Legal Approvals and Certificates

The role of regulatory approvals in determining the quality of online pharmacies is very large. Let’s see:

  • CIPA (Canadian Association of International Pharmacies) does not recognize this pharmacy as reliable. Absent in the CIPA database.
  • LegitScript, another trusted regulator, concludes that lives up to its definition of a legitimate online pharmacy.
  • NABP recognizes pharmacy certificate.
  • ScamAdviser gives this pharmacy 100% confidence. The comment that the site appears to be safe based on the eligibility criteria.


Products, Payment and Delivery

As a non-profit online pharmacy, works closely with donors and pharmaceutical companies, it has a portfolio of over 500 different drugs and drugs that can be used for different purposes. The pharmacy accepts payments through the usual traditional channels and delivers prescriptions within a week. It has been running for over a decade and there are no complaints about the safety of the money paid on the site. This makes the site a reliable place to do business.



An example of the reviews, represented by one review, was found on the site’s screen. We tried not to find others. We therefore had no further conclusion, but we say that the pharmacy uses a service to keep the ratings low. What could be the reason for this? Maybe because some reviews find their flaws and they don’t want to. Pharmacy errors in this section.



It is imperative to strike the right balance between providing high quality services and meeting the legal requirements established in the industry. meets all requirements for verifiable licensing from legal entities, a high reliability rating on websites such as ScamAdviser and LegitScript, and a commercial file that links to information available on other platforms. In light of this, this site has an 80% confidence level and is a recommended place to buy medicines and other items. – Cheap but Dangerous is an online pharmacy that claims to sell prescription and over-the-counter medicines. They claim to be a reliable and trustworthy online pharmacy with over a decade of experience. They also claim to live in British Columbia, on the borders of the United States and Vancouver International Airport. On the ‘About Us’ page, they claim to be an accredited member of CIPA and PharmacyChecker and sell high quality medicines shipped from the UK, India, Mauritius, Turkey, New Zealand, Singapore and Canada. Check out the review below.

Domain information

This site was created on July 4, 2013. It has been running for almost 7 years and it is neither good nor bad. Seven years indicates is here to stay. Fraudulent websites are usually short-lived, but there are tricks that go online for a relatively long time these days.


Mirror sites

Unlike most phishing websites, the Canadian pharmacy has no other visible website. Therefore, we were unable to verify the phishing website based on matching websites. Most websites often have websites that correspond to online fraud. However, trust is necessary before buying a drug from a pharmacy. Although the website has a relatively good trust rating, it still has a trait of fraud sites, because the fraud advisor identified the website as a low risk. The site also uses a service to hide its identity, but we doubt we are from the United States, a high-risk country.

Commercial file opened in 2003. It employs a team of professionals with the mission to connect with consumers and meet their needs. The head office is located in Surrey, near Vancouver. Like most medical companies online, they obtain drugs from third parties and sell and then deliver them to consumers. They claim to have processed over a hundred thousand requests in the years the website was active. It also has nearly a hundred thousand satisfied customers.


From the ‘About Us’ page, the site claims to be a member of both the CIPA and the pharmacy auditor. They even have a CIPA and PharmacyChecker stamp on their page. This prompted us to search both the CIPA database and the LegitScript database. What we discovered were really CIPA members.


Prices, payments and deliveries

This online pharmacy has very friendly price tags. It promises its customers that they can enjoy a discount of up to 85% by placing orders through their website. This is in contrast to dealing with a regular pharmacy in the United States. When it comes to payments, accepts international financial requests, credit cards and personal checks. Orders are shipped all over the world. Regular deliveries charge $ 10, while international deliveries can cost up to $ 25. The pharmacy only offers regular ground shipping and it can take up to 18 days for customers to receive their package.



We couldn’t find any reviews on the internet. This can be very strange for a website that has been active for 7 years. We expect that over the seven years they have gathered many customers who are willing to evaluate them with regard to the type of services they provide. We strongly doubt this and urge customers not to shop at this online drugstore. The pharmacy also has no online reviews, just copy the certificates from Facebook. The lack of very suspicious assessments of the health of the pharmacy. Therefore, we recommend that you do not shop at an online pharmacy that does not provide proof of approval through customer reviews.


Conclusion gets 2 out of 5 stars, they certainly have some problems. Customer reviews are not encouraging. – Still Doubtful Store is an internet resource for selling Canadian drugs. It is rare because it appears to bear all the signs of a true Canadian pharmacy. But they supply medicines to clients all over the world. Most Canadian Canadian pharmacies only provide Canadian and North American clients. Read on for more details.

Domain information

This pharmacy was registered on 02/05/2002, updated on 08/29/2019 and the site will end on 2 May 2023. As you can see, this site has a longer life (more than 18 years of registration) so one can buy confidence when Participate in business conversations with this site.


Business Information is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. You know you can trust them because they provided a verified business address, phone and email address. They open from Monday to Sunday and work between 5:30 AM and 6:00 PM to use their services, you must open an account on their platform online. Then you can start looking for the medications you need. Submitting an application is a matter of following the most basic instructions. It should be noted that requests can be made by phone, email and fax. This convenience makes the company particularly attractive.


Legal approvals

He holds a license from the College of Pharmacy in British Columbia. This makes this online pharmacy a favorable seller! LegitScript, a regulatory approval body, does not recognize this pharmacy. Your approval status of this pharmacy is unfair because it does not comply with LegitScript legal rules for online pharmacies. By categorizing it as an unfair online pharmacy, LegitScript means that the pharmacy allows intentional management of medications while violating applicable laws and regulations that are easy to follow, and is not concerned with security measures when it comes to medications. However, the pharmacy is an active member of CIPA. According to PharmacyChecker, is a legitimate online pharmacy registered with the company name “Solaris Pharma Inc”. This contrasts with what we previously obtained in the domain name that says that the site was registered by “Rebel Ltd”. As mentioned in the introduction, all orders are processed on their website at Surrey at Candrug Pharmacy.


Prices, Payments and Deliveries

The prices here do not look special. But the site encourages you to contact them to find out more about all the ways you can save money. They also claim it matches any price you find online. Prescription orders must be accompanied by a valid prescription from a licensed physician. While some of the drugs sold here come from Canada, the site also uses distribution centers in countries like Singapore, the United Kingdom, India and Mauritius, to name a few. Pet medicine is available at as well. Payment is made by Visa, MasterCard and international money transfers. You can also send personal checks. But they do not take insurance. It only provides regular ground shipping which takes 4-18 working days depending on the location. Customers pay a flat fee of $ 10, but this number may vary depending on the destination.



Looking at the testimonials posted on their website, we conducted a literary theft examination in their site’s review department and determined that the site is not 100% legitimate as claimed. Some comments have been found on 8 other websites selling products online through their websites. Legitimate customer reviews give the customer a reliable period during the transactions.


Conclusion earns 4 stars out of 5. They couldn’t be more legitimate if they tried. You cannot doubt their prices, recipe service, accreditation, or ratings. Everything related to this site forces you to trust them. – Making feel worried

It is a New Zealand based pharmacy. They claime to be the a number one pharmacy in New Zealand. But we do some research and find that this statement is incorrect. There is a lot wrong with this pharmacy that even calls it a legitimate website. Below is our full review.

The Origin

The site was launched in 2007 and offers very cheap medications. Usually over-the-counter and diabetic medications, as well as illnesses to treat allergies, coughs, and colds. The company does not have recognizable certification seals that can help demonstrate that it is legitimate. They claim that their pharmacy offers online medical service through their UK subsidiary and is registered with the Quality of Care Commission to provide prescriptions online. However, there is no information available at all. Kiwi Drug is a New Zealand-based company that has launched its website in support of its brick and mortar store, which has been in business for over 40 years.


The payment page for does not contain an SSL certificate. This makes it dangerous for customers to execute a transaction. SSL certification does not mean that your transaction is not fully secured. All original sites have an SSL certificate. An international pharmacy without SSL certification raises many questions. This site can be part of a big scam. This site does not contain any seal of a licensing authority to demonstrate that it is a legitimate pharmacy. It is a big concern for customers. Every pharmacy must receive regulatory approval to be called a true pharmacy. This is a great statement that this site is a scam. All legal pharmacy stores carry seals from the licensing authorities. A pharmacy that does not have regulatory approvals may contain drugs that are not safe to use. Therefore, it is recommended not to buy anything from this store.

Available Products

This company offers a selection of Rx medications, but does not require a prescription from your doctor. The reason for this is that they appear to have their own staff of licensed physicians and pharmacists, who can be consulted for a prescription to purchase this type of medication. Since does not have a reliable reputation, the competence and validity of its employees’ licenses must be questioned.

Payments and delivery

The pharmacy website accepts the following payment options:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • JCB
  • AmEx

There is no specific data for the courier service that this company uses to deliver orders. There are no shipping charges for orders over $ 100, while for orders under $ 100, shipping charges of $ 7 must be paid. The time it takes to deliver an application to your home depends on the distance it is delivered. The company also provides its customers with a tracking ID to verify the current status of their orders.


Most dissatisfied customers complained about long shipping times, lack of tracking numbers, and poor quality of incoming medications. Some of the most prominent complaints indicate that their credit card was collected from an online dating service after purchasing medications from the site. While most of these claims appear to be true, the company has responded to many negative reviews that have attempted to refute customer arguments. Interestingly, after a lot of negative feedback from disgruntled customers, there was a sudden wave of overly positive feedback, which suddenly praised the fast shipping and quality of service.


This has been a real store for over 40 years and an online pharmacy for almost 13 years. In general, an illegal pharmacy does not last long on the Internet. Your customer feedback is also great. Furthermore, the identity of the site is also hidden. Its relations with dangerous foreign countries are also a problem. There are many problems with this site that make us think it is a scam. We give 2 out of 5 stars. – Good online solution is a concierge treatment service. Helps men overcome sexual conditions and diseases. It does this by partnering with health care providers to find more effective ways to combat diseases that affect their patients.

Domain information

A look at the domain name records shows that the address of this store has been registered since 2002. This usually indicates that the pharmacy is more than a business. What is not good to see is that they use domain name privacy so their contact details don’t appear in the logs. This often comes across an unreliable pharmacy record, so finding it here isn’t a problem.


Business Information

The website is definitely American, even though there are connections to other countries. From business address, you can see where the store offices are located in Florida. The company describes itself as a defense service. To enjoy their offers, you must open an account on their website. This includes providing essential personal and medical information. After checking your account, you can sit and wait for the site to work for you. When you visit a doctor and as soon as this doctor diagnoses you and recommends a treatment option, he will send your prescription to this company. Qualified site personnel assess your situation and then contact you to discuss possible solutions. Once an agreement is reached, they leave your medical treatment to a pharmaceutical partner.


Legal approvals website works through a number of retail partners. They say that these pharmacies they work with are fully certified and provide high quality service. These stores are located in the U.S.A., not all details are available on this site. Therefore, we can absolutely not validate what they say, although we did not find any indication of a problem here.


Prices and products

Products sold on this platform at competitive prices. The company negotiates the pricing of quantities on behalf of its clients to ensure that it does not pay more than it owes. You can also subscribe to discount offers in your email.
The company works with men to treat sexual conditions. offers include injection, implants, vacuum devices and gels, to name a few. If traditional treatments don’t work, you can rely on this platform to find alternative treatment options for you.

Payments and delivery

Payment options are generally discussed after site employees contact patients. Products are usually shipped the same day upon receipt of orders, except for special circumstances such as holidays. Autocomplete members get free shipping. You can return the non-prescription medication within 30 days if the package does not change.

Reviews offers some customer testimonials on the homepage. These comments will appear on the site to show they are legitimate and to encourage more people to register and shop with the company.



We were unable to identify any major problems with the service they provide, and it appears that we are providing good support to their customers. There are some problems with transparency of supply and costs on demand through this site. We give 4 stars. – Favorable savings

At, US citizens receive coupons when used at local pharmacies, discounts are offered on the medications they order. This online service offers a prescription delivery program, either generic or brand, completely free! Learn more reading our review.

Domain name information

Information from the domain shows that this store has been around for nine years. In general, websites with outdated domain names are generally more reliable than very modern sites. This site uses the domain privacy service in Panama to keep your real contact information out of the public registry.


Site data

First of all, is a safe browsing site that keeps all your activities private. Although no payments are made to the website, they consider that its security is very respectable, a commendable procedure. The site is also well organized. You can find what you need on the home page, where you can access other secure, fast, and comprehensive web pages, such as the FAQ page.

Legal approvals

For such a drug-free service, we do not expect agencies like CIPA, NABP and LegitScript to sign up. Alternatively, ScamAdviser can help us make the decision. AdAdviser Scam site analyzes and concludes that the site is 100% safe for everyone!


Service provided

This site offers free access to discounted medications. Anyone in the United States can join in to get wholesale and wholesale prices for most medications. has a medical assistance program that partners with companies that allow discounts on more than 30,000 types of medications. Discounts are available at independent local drugstore chains and stores in the United States. They currently have more than 100,000 participating pharmacies and more are on the rise.


How does it work

What also impressed us is that the service is provided free of charge. Coupons don’t cost a penny. Without excellent costs, without discounts. This site offers discounts in two ways:

  • RX card (free)
  • Discount coupon

As a customer of you are free to choose between the two. To demystify things, they both guarantee a discount request for the drugs you ordered, except that the card is a coupon for more than 30,000 types of prescription drugs, making it more convenient. Discount coupons never expire. When you access the website, select the drug you want to buy (there is a list of drugs for which discounts are offered on the site). Then go ahead and receive the coupon code. If you select the email option, the site will send you the coupon by email.


Searching the reviews on the web was hard to find, but eventually some real customer reviews were found on the site’s Facebook page. All the comments we have seen from people who have tried the coupon are very positive. People are very happy with the discounts they have enjoyed using this site. Positive comments from this site on this Facebook page have been expected for many years, which is a good thing to see. But for some reason trustpilot has 0 reviews. Surprising.



This is one of the few organizations that hardly has offers available for free. We highly recommend the organization, its services and its website, as other agencies like ScamAdviser trust it. We give 4 stars out of 5. – Prices are not certain enough promises to be the cheapest or best gross value for prescription drugs. However, we will take the time to search this online pharmacy to find the truth on this site.



A red signal for an online pharmacy is one that promotes inexpensive lifestyle drugs and has no commonly prescribed drugs for cholesterol, osteoporosis, or infection. Don’t worry about, it offers the full range of prescription drugs you would expect from a legitimate pharmacy. You can enter prescriptions for psychiatric drugs, high blood pressure drugs and contraceptives here. They have a limited selection of travel medicines here. The service offers a variety of pet medications and pet recipes, but does not sell collars and related products through the website. They have very few products available to complete their recipes. Surprisingly few of these products are available. They do not sell herbal medicines that lower the rankings of other online pharmacies when browsing organizations such as LegitScript.



We rated with the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. CIPA accredited pharmacies offer drugs that meet FDA standards, so you know they are safe. Many American consumers go to Canada to get their medicines. The pharmacy is an accredited member of CIPA. CIPA’s security standards are those that every consumer wants to meet, ranging from high quality pharmaceuticals to pharmacists licensed to meet international industry standards to protect customer privacy and financial information. The company ships medicines from a Canadian pharmacy or international pharmacies that meet the same high standards to ensure the finished product is safe.


One of the points of confusion for some new users of this site was the fact that they could search by brand name, but generics were shipped, although this does not affect the quality of what they receive. They only sell generics unless you order an over-the-counter product. Their prices are comparable to your local pharmacy. They don’t have discounts and coupon codes, but then again, anyone who buys one and buys one and gets one free for prescription drugs is probably a scam.


As a CIPA member, we know that meets the minimum international industry standards to protect the privacy of customers’ medical and financial information. They have better than average 128-bit encoding for their website.
The company has a typical privacy statement for patients and administrative procedures to protect the medical information of its customers.


Customer service

They have a phone number for direct customer service. According to their site, the call center operates Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to midnight, but that’s not always the case. They also have a fax line. You need to create an account to order through them, and technical support for account issues is limited.

Payment and Delivery Options

They accept major credit cards for payment. appears to accept electronic checks, but it does not accept cryptocurrencies. They do not explicitly limit payment in a currency, but if you purchase items using a credit card with a currency that they do not automatically accept, a currency conversion fee will apply. Their site immediately indicates that it may take two to three weeks for your prescription to be received. Your guarantee is that it will arrive within a month if you are in the United States or Canada, six weeks if you are outside of North America. The shipping costs for US orders. United States of America It is $ 10. Shipping to other countries costs $ 19.95. Some of their reviews indicate that this may apply to a $ 20 order, so shipping doubles the price of the product. Shipping costs can be waived if you place an expensive order with them, but there is no clear limit on free shipping.


Reviews reviews don’t include scary stories about paying for herbal remedies that made people sick or falsified medications that didn’t improve a patient. The worst complaints include a request to refill the recipe because it didn’t arrive in six weeks. Please note that you must place this order within 90 days after the request has not arrived or has done nothing about it.


We give this online pharmacy 4 stars. We removed 1 star due to slow delivery, limited customer feedback, and unsupported LegitScript revision, plus hidden prices are minor issues that can help them perform better. – Still something shady is a website for an online pharmacy with a dark website, but with options that have an American ancestry. The online pharmacy is not ideal for purchasing your medications due to poor service. Get to know them better by reading.

Domain information

The domain name was registered in July 2003 and the pharmacy has been operating for more than 14 years. However, information regarding the site owner is hidden and no information is available about the exact location of this pharmacy. We understand that owners use a special service to hide their identity. This is worrisome and raises questions about how this pharmacy works. A background check with shows that it could be located in the US or China, but the actual location is still unknown. This site has a very low confidence rating and the domain is listed as a fraudulent pharmacy. Due to all these suspicious transactions, customers are advised not to make any transactions on


Legal approvals and requirements

To gain customer trust and credibility as a company, you must have a valid license and meet all legal requirements. Unfortunately, this pharmacy does not have licenses or regulatory approvals from regulatory agencies. This is a clear indication that you are working illegally. The pharmacy also claims to offer brands manufactured at FDA approved facilities. However, we cannot determine whether this information is correct as there is no reasonable evidence to support this claim. Our research shows that Pharma Express does not have regulatory approvals from various agencies, such as the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. USA, European Medical Agency, and many more. A selection at indicates that is a fraudster.


The main medications sold in the pharmacy are generic medications for men. It is even listed as the best-selling drug on the site’s homepage. Most of these drugs do not require a prescription. Although some sensitive people really need a prescription, the pharmacy ignores it. This means that anyone who feels they need a drug can buy it here. This is dangerous and should be avoided.



This pharmacy only accepts two payment methods. Customers can pay with Visa cards or by electronic checks. Payments can be made in three different currencies, including British pounds, US dollars, and Australian dollars. All payments are safe because the company uses SSL encryption to protect customer information and credit cards from unauthorized access. Pharma Express RX also has a refund policy that allows customers to request a refund if the order is not fulfilled as directed. Customers can request a full resend or refund as per their requirements.

Shipping and handling is shipped from China and India, where its warehouses are located. Customers have two shipping options: Standard Air Mail and EMS. Standard airmail costs $ 18.00, while EMS costs $ 20. Customers can track their orders, but they must pay an additional fee for tracking services.


Customer cannot provide comments on the site. As a result, customer feedback is not displayed on Other clients need these reviews to help them better understand pharmacy services. The pharmacy does not care about this.What we believe is that the company is afraid to receive negative reviews. However, if we ask ourselves, why would anyone doubt his own services? It feels like something is wrong with the pharmacy services themselves. Trustpilot has 14 customer reviews. Some reviews praise the pharmacy, while others complain of supplies.


Conclusion is definitely a scam and we do not recommend anyone to purchase products from this site. First, the owners of this site use a service to hide their identity. Moreover, the actual location of this pharmacy is not Switzerland as mentioned, but India or China. For these reasons, we can only grant 2 stars out of 5. – Can achieve more has a mission that says they want to improve the health and lifestyle of patients with prescription drug prices. We are looking at this site to see if this is really a good place to get your medicine.

Domain information

Domain records show that this site is over 11 years old. This is higher than most deceptive pharmacies, so it is a good sign. However, they chose to use the domain privacy service to hide their data. Records also tell us that it has less than a year to run before it expires. This is another good indicator of a secure website.


Security has the correct SSL security certificate, making it safe to enter information on the site. They also have a spam policy that says they can’t handle spam. They do not sell your data to third parties nor do they use an email marketing list.

Site summary

Their website is a professional looking website, and they choose not to display products on their home page or anywhere else unless you register an account with them. This may mean that the prices of the drugs shown are not good. There are several ways to contact if you have a problem with your order. They have a toll-free number, fax numbers, email addresses, mailing address, and a direct assistance agent available on site. While it has been shown to be a Canadian site, it does not provide all of Canada’s medications. In addition to the Canadian pharmacy, they also work with licensed pharmacies in the UK. They do this to offer you better prices and products that would not otherwise be available.


Regulatory approval

The company has seals from the regulatory associations CIPA and IPABC. These regulators ensure that a real pharmacy is behind the website, so everything is safe for the customer. It also ensures that consumer data, both financial and personal, is processed responsibly. correctly displays the stamps on its site, they are members of both companies. LegitScript has reviewed the site and they are not completely sure if the pharmacy is really legal or not. They were only given an unsupported grade.

Payments and delivery

Purchases can be made with credit cards, bank transfer, personal checks, bank transfer or money order. You must first open an account with them and send a prescription email before shipping medications. Free shipping to the United States. Delivery times are between 14 and 21 days.


Customer reviews are a great way to see if a company is trustworthy and deliver on what it promises. There isn’t a page on the site for comments, which is a good thing in some ways. Online store customer testimonial pages only offer good things about the company, after all, the company will not post bad comments on its own website.


The pharmacy seems to do most things well, has the right dependency, and is generally transparent about who runs the site. They also have good security and provide you with many ways to contact them. There are some minor issues, that’s why we give them a 4-star rating. Limited customer feedback and an unsupported LegitScript review, along with hidden pricing, are simple problems that can do better.