– Can trust is a trusted online pharmacy offering great brand name and generic deals. Located in Canada, this pharmacy is one of the few online pharmacies you can trust, thanks to the speed of drug delivery and reliable customer service. Here are some reasons why we recommend this online provider.

Web platform

This pharmacy has a very professional website with an easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate interface. You can explore different products with relative ease, as they are categorized accordingly. The domain was registered on May 16, 2002, which means that the pharmacy has been in use for 18 years. Its presence in the pharmaceutical industry has grown steadily over the past decade, despite the volatile nature of this type of business.

Company name and address

The name of is simple and easy to remember. This simple company name might be one of the reasons most customers easily understand a pharmacy. As mentioned above, the pharmacy is based in Canada. However, the owner prefers to keep the important company information privacy to avoid hacker and spam attacks. However, you can contact customer service by email or by using the phone numbers provided.

Medicines for sale

This pharmacy provides high-quality brand name, generic medicines and health products. While some of the best sellers include health medications for men, they also offer drugs for diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure, weight loss, skin care and other pharmaceutical supplies.

Recipe policy

You do not need a prescription to buy medicines at This means you can access any kind of medication when you need it. This is very useful, especially in emergency situations, because you do not have to wait days or even weeks for your prescription to be approved.

Payment and Delivery

Payment options only include Visa and MasterCard. The pharmacy has an SSL certificate, which means that all credit card payments are safe. Your personal data is encrypted and cannot be compromised when performing transactions. offers its products through standard airmail service and trackable shipping service. Regular airmail costs are as low as $ 9.95 per package and deliveries take 2-3 weeks. Trackable shipping is much faster. It costs $ 19.95 and delivery takes less than 10 days. As mentioned above, free shipping is available for orders over $ 200.

Customer Reviews and Comments

The pharmacy clearly has many satisfied customers, if current reviews and certifications are a must go through. Most of the customers are passionate about express delivery, quality medicines, reasonable prices and great customer service. But not at BBB, and it’s surprising.


It is easy to see that is a legitimate pharmacy. The pharmacy is accredited by various regulatory agencies, including CIPA, MIPA and CPA. These certificates frequently explain that this pharmacy provides safe drugs for human use. In addition, they provide drugs at discounted prices, giving everyone access to affordable healthcare. If you are looking for a real pharmacy that provides you with a reliable platform where you can shop with confidence. Most corrupt pharmacies often disappear after a few months of use, to prevent audiences from being suspected or tracked by the authorities. Given these positive developments, we give this pharmacy 4 out of 5 stars! – Outdated, but safe claims to be a leading online pharmacy and committed to providing high quality medicines at low prices. We’ve searched this online pharmacy to find out if it’s the best place to buy a drug.

Domain information

Domain registrations show us that the address of this site was registered in 2012. This is really cool and it seems like it is probably a very safe site for doing business. It is usually not the online pharmacies that are currently trying to mislead customers for obvious reasons.



A wide range of medicines is offered at this online pharmacy. Prices are not the best we can find on the internet, but they inform you before you buy where the drugs are delivered. When ordering medicines from this pharmacy you need a prescription. You must send or fax the prescription before dispensing the pills. Website design looks quite outdated. It seems strange that the web design has not been updated to something more modern.

Company Information company name and address appear on many pages of the site. The pharmacy data is also prominently displayed, including the name of the pharmacy manager. This is great and something a legitimate internet pharmacy can do to prove that it is more reliable.

Regulatory approval

Pharmacy site displays stamps from both CIPA and IPABC. These stamps are used fairly and linked to confirmed locations. These regulatory assembly approvals mean that this site operates to better standards and ensures that they do things the right way. They use the Canadian pharmacy in the real world to omit some of their medications and manage their personal information carefully. Not only does it renounce Canada, it also uses well-organized pharmacies in other countries to keep prices to a minimum. Despite these legal approvals, LegitScript Review gives them a fraudulent rating. They believe that violates the rules and regulations appropriate to the country in which they operate.



The primary site does not have an SSL certificate. This can be a problem as you must be registered on the site to buy medicines. However, when you click on the registration page, this page is secure and ensures that your data is not intercepted when it is sent. There is a GeoTrust logo on the site to indicate that security is up to date. This logo is used correctly and ensures that the security certificate is updated.



Payment options only include Visa and MasterCard. The pharmacy has an SSL certificate, which means that all credit card payments are safe. Your personal data is encrypted and cannot be compromised when carrying out transactions.


Certificate pages on such sites are used to encourage people to complete a purchase on the site. The idea is that when you read about someone who has a positive experience with this online pharmacy, you gain more confidence in the site. There is no customer testimonial page, we found reviews on other websites. These customer reviews are mostly positive and go back a few years, as expected for this old site. By checking these reviews, they seem to be genuine original customer reviews.



While this online pharmacy looks quite old, it seems like a safe and reliable place to order medicines. They have successfully managed this site for a long time and have good customer reviews. That’s why we give them 4 out of 5 stars. We flagged it for LegitScript review and because the price isn’t the best we’ve seen. – Gotta be trusted represents the domain name of a legitimate internet pharmacy in Canada. The online pharmacy is one of the trusted pharmacies that are hardly available. Strongly recommend. See why below.

Domain name information

This pharmacy has been registered since 2002-11-26 and they had enough time in the past almost 20 years to improve its services, which is what it really did. Only a few pharmacies of that age have good services. Most of them are deceptive and illegal. This one is trustworthy.


Company profile

Most illegal pharmacies tend to hide their websites. However, is clearly located in Canada. Its stores are also located in the same country. This means they have nothing to hide from their customers.


Legal approvals

Regulatory authorities are always checking the quality and source of medicines from an online pharmacy. Some even make sure to see if the pharmacy offers customers a traditionally acceptable quality of service. Therefore his interest is inevitable. been approved by all of the following regulatory and / or licensing authorities:

  • NABP has certified their prescriptions.
  • Legitcript certified because it meets the minimum accreditation requirements.
  • Scamadviser gave the pharmacy a 100% confidence rating plus note that the site appears safe.
  • However, CIPA has not yet submitted her degree. Therefore, the pharmacy is not entitled to bear the CIPA stamp




Medicines are the main concerns. Low-quality medicines make the pharmacy useless, even if they have the best services. The opposite is true and this is exactly what happens in this pharmacy. They contain a wide range of brands and generic drugs available for sale in its stores. The fraudulent pharmacy contains a few classes of drugs that sell very well in the modern world. Other drug categories, including sexual health drugs, are available to clients. The quality of the medicines in description is unbeatable. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) checks the quality of all medicines provided by the pharmacy. This clearly indicates that the drugs are the best quality.


We really liked the drug sale rates at this online pharmacy. Quality medicines, along with reasonable prices, add more value to this store. This is what every customer would generally expect in such pharmacies. Rebel pharmacies will raise prices without good reason.

Customer service

Quick, useful, and relevant are the terms we can use to describe customer service representatives for this pharmacy. Their phone numbers are sufficient for their customer base. also have an email address that you can use to report your concerns. The live chat option contributes to efficient customer service.

Payment and delivery

Every customer needs fast and safe payment. These, along with many payment options like:

  • Visa
  • Electronic checks
  • MasterCard and many others are available at this pharmacy.

Regarding delivery options, the pharmacy uses fast and safe options. Most customers confirm through their reviews that they have already received their order in good condition and on time.


Customer reviews are three out of five stars, but we believe it is the result of a negative ad campaign. For example, several review sites say they sell counterfeit or low-quality drugs, but neutral external review organizations like Legit Script said this is not a problem. Several general review contain one and two star reviews for the site, but when you look at the content it’s clearly a script. The false comments are not Latin, but it is such bad English that it could be another language. Certainly not written by real people.



Quality medicines, consult! Fast and safe delivery and payment options, consult! Renowned registered profile, check! Watch out for Custer, check! Prices are reasonable, consult! Site security, check! However, the CIPA site is not certified. This is the bitterest part of this. In general, we give pharmacy a 4-star rating. – Safe to place an order is an online pharmacy that claims to sell drugs at the lowest prices. They only sell prescription drugs from a doctor. Her medications come from the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Singapore, New Zealand, Mauritius, and Canada. Here is a complete description of the site.

Domain information

Website was created on 2000-12-13 and will end on 2020-12-13. The site has received many updates, the latest of which is on 2020-02-15. Based on its scope, the site appears legitimate because it lasted for 20 years. The details of the owner of the record are hidden by the privacy service, and this is not ideal because the legitimate company does not have to hide from its customers this way.


Company profile appears to be based in Canada, but may include other countries that we were unable to configure as it uses a service to hide your company profile. However, we believe that the owner uses the Secret Service to prevent him from receiving spam. Most fraudulent sites use your identity. Therefore, based on your company profile, we were unable to find.


Regulatory approvals

For the website to function legally, you must be a member of the necessary regulatory authorities. We have reviewed the site and noticed that it has the CIPA logo. This led us to search the site in the CIPA database and according to their word as members. This means that are eligible to sell medications online and that they sell high-quality medications. As a registered member of CIPA, we believe that the site is legitimate and is involved in high quality medications.


Secure connection

Website connection is not private and attackers can see the images they display from the website and trick to create the same image. However, all other information is secured, so you don’t have to worry about stealing your credentials and credit cards. However, we believe that all aspects of your communication must be completely secure to prevent unsuspecting customers from clicking to access other websites that could compromise your credentials.

Payment and shipping accepts certified bank checks, international money orders, electronic checks, and personal checks. The pharmacy does not accept credit cards, even buying with credit cards is the most convenient payment method. We were unable to determine the reason for leaving this payment method in your payment options. The pharmacy also does not ship to all countries. Only ships within the United States and Canada. Shipping takes 10-18 business days by mail. They charge 9.95 freight per patient.


The site has a certification page where they have published some reviews of customers who have bought from them. We couldn’t find any site on the site where customers can add their feedback, and we think this is odd on a long-term website, plus the website didn’t mention the date and time of the comments. We tried to search for comments outside of, but the site does not appear to contain any comments. This is very annoying for the site and it is hoped that it has earned its online reputation over the years of use.



From the evaluation, we believe that the site is legitimate. It took years, unlike the brightest websites and only a year; Every suspicious site linked to it is missing. Additionally, you are registered with CIPA and are legally authorized to sell high-quality medications online. However, the pharmacy is not shipped to a country other than the United States and Canada, so patients outside of these countries will not benefit from pharmacy services. Therefore, we believe that deserves a 4-star rating. – Seems reliable and safe to buy from is a professional looking Canadian pharmacy that claims to save you up to 90% on your prescription costs. It looks like you have the correct regulatory approvals, but should you really trust somewhere where you get your medicine? Our research revealed some issues with this online store.

Domain name information

The domain name has been registered since 08-09-2004 which might make you think it is a reliable company. However, using the privacy protection service to hide the true identity of the site owners is worrying.

Company Information

Each page on contains the company name and address at the bottom of the page. This is what you expect from a legitimate job. Unfortunately, our investigation revealed that the address is only a mailbox service operated by UPS, and that the company name does not appear in the Canadian government database either. This is the kind of practice you can expect from a deceptive pharmacy. We don’t know the correct details of the person or company behind this store and we can’t even be sure if they actually live in Canada. However, the address of the pharmacy they give on the site is real. It is a Canadian pharmacy that is linked to many other online stores.


Regulatory Association Approvals


For the website to function legally, it must be a member of the necessary regulatory authorities. We have reviewed and realized that it bears the CIPA logo. This led us to search the site in the CIPA database and, according to their word, they are members. This means that they are eligible to sell medicines online and that they sell high-quality drugs. Since you are a registered member of CIPA, we believe the site is legitimate and associated with high quality drugs.

Available medicines

The recipe offers a large selection of pills in both brand name and generic items. They are very clear about distinguishing the generic drug brand, which is not always seen in this type of pharmacy. They order prescriptions (as the store name suggests) if necessary, which requires that you send it on request or that your doctor fax it to you.

Payment and delivery accepts certified bank checks and international money orders, as well as credit cards. Your interpretation of your payment options is therefore confused. They say they currently accept money orders and checks, but only call credit cards later. Shipping costs are $ 9.95 per delivery request within North America. Additional charges may apply for larger orders. I ship by shipment and you can expect to receive your pills within 2-4 weeks of ordering.


These pharmacy websites are happy to offer certificates to increase trust by showing that they have successfully shipped products to customers. On the first page of this store, they have a comments section from, but there is only one testimonial. Interestingly, there is only one testimony, especially since the site is over 15 years old. Perhaps this is the only good comment they have received. If they have more good certificates, why shouldn’t they publish them? The individual assessment seems to be real. There is no evidence to use this elsewhere and republish it here. Searching for customer feedback on pharmacy’s website takes us to the Pharmacy Checker site. Here the certificates are mixed to say the least. There are no really recent reviews, although the most recent was 2016. The reviews really seem like with an average customer rating of just 3 out of 5.


Conclusion has the right memberships for Canadian organizations and a long online history. Unfortunately, they’ve gone to great lengths to hide their actual company data and it’s impossible to know for sure who really runs this store. Customer reviews are really mixed for this site and our rating for this site is also mixed so we give it 3 out of 5 stars. – Some illegal drugs claims to be an American pharmacy selling high-quality generic pills. They say they have easy access to the drug and have been active for 6 years. We have discovered many amazing things about this pharmacy, but none of them are good.

Domain name information

The information in the domain registrations shows that this store has only been around since 2017. It is not easy to trust an online pharmacy with a shorter history, and that these stores are more than just a scam from more established websites. We can also see from the registry that the domain is registered with a Chinese registrar, despite the address provided in Sweden of the owner’s contact address. This Dutch address provides the road, city, and zip code, but does not provide a commercial property number and is therefore incomplete. The name “Perfect Domain Solution” is given as the organization that registered the address.

Business Contact Information has an address in Los Angeles, California. The address they give is 2013 Avenida Del Canada, the address that appears mixed. When we check this address, we quickly figure it out. Avenida Del Canada is not in Zip Code 91748 on the site. There is a major street in the north and a major street in the south, but there is no central street. Very unlikely that if this is your actual address, they have simply forgotten to add whether it is north or south.

Regulatory approval

This online pharmacy claims to work from the United States, although we very much doubt that this is true. They must have NABP accreditation for an online pharmacy in the United States. Instead, this site does not provide any evidence that it is operating in accordance with regulations. When we contacted LegitScript, we discovered that they considered this store a fraudulent business entity. Lack of legal approval needed to operate and non-compliance with accepted standards for pharmaceutical practices. One of the weird things we’ve noticed in this store is that they seem to have LSD on sale on their site. A strong hallucinogen is not considered a medicinal use and has been banned in most countries.

Who owns this store?

We don’t think the owner of is in United States and not Dutch for sure. The evidence seems to point more towards Pakistan. This belief is strongly promoted by posting information about Western Union and MoneyGram payment recipients on the payment page.

Available medications offers medical supplies in a variety of categories. Existing prices are very low, which raises questions about the quality of the grains. They say they are supplied with generic brand names and grains and they seem to indicate that the grains are shipped from India, although they do not mention exactly where in India. It also does not require a prescription, which is a common feature of fraudulent pharmacies.

Payment and shipping

The payment page in this store is unsafe, which means that anyone can recover your information and this is a risk that should not be taken. They only accept Visa, MoneyGram and Western Union as payment methods. Shipping costs seem pretty expensive for $55 for a flat rate shipping.


Looking for comments for we could not find any, however, we have found a not great forum post from a customer who was scammed by them.


Despite the efforts of this store to pretend they are in the US, we know they are owned by someone in Pakistan. They lack regulations and sell illegal drugs. Do not buy drugs in this store, 1 out of 5 stars. – Trying to cheat

Domain name information

Domain database validation shows that this name has been registered since 2016. The pharmacy takes a long time to work, so it may indicate that this store is less likely to be cheated. There is also information about the person or organization who registered the address. Data shows that they are in the Netherlands, although the name of the organization has not been provided. This could indicate that the domain was registered by an individual rather than a company.


Two copies from the store

Interestingly, there are two versions of One is the secure version of the site that uses “HTTPS” at the beginning of the address and the other is not. There are two different pages: when you access the domain for the first time, you are using the unsafe version and all links point to secure pages that use a different website design. The secure version of the site looks identical to a number of other pharmacies we’ve seen before. This is not a good thing to discover at this pharmacy and show a major problem.

Commercial contact information

On the site they do not give a title in the Netherlands. Basically online with the domain name they claim to be Canadian. Why is it a Canadian company based in the Netherlands? It won’t happen, but Canada is known primarily in the United States as a good place to get cheap drugs, as many fraud pharmacies claim to be Canadian like this.

Legal approvals

There are no organizational stamps on This indicates that the owners are not concerned with the rules that ensure that pharmacies are reliable for customers. This fear supports LegitScript’s findings. They give the pharmacy an unfair job rating that violates the rules of the countries where they try to sell their products.


Available medicines

This store has a reasonable selection of products to choose from. The best-selling products are medications for men. The pills can be shipped from Canada, the Netherlands, or anywhere else as they do not mention these important details. The fact is that the grain is likely to be shipped from India, Pakistan or China rather than Canada. This greatly increases the chances of selling low-quality fake or medicines. The dangers of these pills can have very serious consequences for the health of the customers of this pharmacy. The prices we see at are low and this increases the risk of low quality medicines. They don’t care whether you have a prescription or not. This can lead to people taking medications that increase health problems instead of treating them. This also indicates a greater chance of selling unsafe, low-quality medicines here.

Payment and shipping


The final checkout section will send you to another website to complete the transaction. They accept a good selection of payment methods:

  • Credit cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Electronic check

Shipping is an option between airmail and express mail. The courier option has a tracking number and delivery in about a week. The downside is the price which is three times the price of airmail for $ 30. The $ 10 option for airmail can take up to three weeks.



There is a certification page full of cool reviews from However, these customer reviews can also be found in other mirror stores and in addition to many difficult pharmacies. These positive customer reviews are completely false and are used to convince you that it is a reputable pharmacy.



Every time we looked at it, the problems in this store kept growing. They lie about where they are and also lack transparency about where the drugs are dispensed. There is no legal control and they run a mirror site with fake certificates. Trust in this pharmacy would be a big mistake as we only give 1 star out of 5. – Seems like an established business is an online pharmacy that claims to have supplied more than 100,000 satisfied customers in the United States. They say they have over 7 years of experience and have built a reputation for being very trustworthy. We are reviewing this store to see if it is a company you should be looking to meet your medical needs.

Domain name information

Information from the domain name registry shows that this website address has existed since 2013. It has been a long time since a pharmacy was marketed online, and this indicates a safer company behind the store. It also takes more than a year before the name registration can be renewed. This is another sign of a more legitimate online pharmacy, where criminal-run websites are generally only registered for one year at a time.

Regulatory approval does not have the kind of regulation you would expect from an online pharmacy. They claim this because they are a prescription referral service and that the pharmacies or government-approved distribution facilities to which they refer are fully licensed. However, they do have some credit from the Better Business Bureau. This accreditation confirms your address and duration of employment. They have a BBB A + rating, which is a very good sign for a safe and reliable company. LegitScript reviewed this store and concluded that it does not fully meet its standards. The unapproved rating is far from its worst results, but it is a slight concern.


Medicine for sale offers a large selection of medications, in fact, they have more than 5,000 products. Their pharmacies offer generic and brand-name pills. Medications are provided by approved pharmacies in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Turkey, Singapore, India, and Vanuatu. However, you will be informed where to deliver the medications before ordering.


Prescription requirements

You must give this store a prescription before dispensing your pills. You can scan the recipe and email it or upload it to your site. You can also send a fax through their toll-free number or send them a prescription. In some cases, your prescription may be referred to a Canadian doctor, although you may not be charged an additional fee.

Payment and shipping

You can buy using:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • AmEx
  • International money transfers

Your ordering process is not completely online, you will need to contact customer support and provide your credit card details. This is also because does not have an SSL security certificate, so any information provided in the store may be intercepted by a third party. Shipping costs US $ 15 and delivery is expected within 2-3 weeks. However, it takes an additional 5-7 business days to process your order.


Finding many customers who have good things to say about an online pharmacy is usually a good indication of a trustworthy company you can trust. Unfortunately, searching online for reviews we couldn’t find much. There is only one certification on the Better Business Bureau page. These customer reviews are very good and seem to come from a real customer. Also, please note that customer complaints have not been reported on the BBB website for this pharmacy.

Conclusion has been around for a long time, and there aren’t many pharmacy locations for a long time. There is a sudden shortage of customer feedback and pills are supplied from various countries. For these reasons, we give this store 3 stars out of 5 possible. – Feedback bumps still appear is an online pharmacy that offers low-cost health medications for men. They say they offer a 100% quality guarantee and sell FDA approved medicines. We check this store to see if it’s really a good place to buy your pills online.

Domain name information

This domain name was registered in 2005 and does not need to be renewed until 2022. This type of domain history indicates that this site is more of a legitimate business than a retail store using an address no more than 2 or 3 years old. Domain registration also provides information about domain ownership. In this case, we can see that it is registered by a company in Irvine, California, USA. United States of America This is also a good thing to find, as pharmacies sometimes use privacy services to hide their owners’ data.

Business contact details provides address information not only for the company that runs the store, but also for the drugstore that runs the drug. This seems to be a good indication of a safe online pharmacy to buy the drug. When we check these addresses, the Irvine business address is for a small office building. A virtual office service runs from this building, but they can also use regular office space.

Regulatory approval operates in the United States. United States of America Therefore you must follow the rules to work in this country. By checking NABP also known as the National Association of Pharmacy Councils we can see that this store is part of their pharmacy program and registered on their site. We also see that there is a stamp in the LegitScript store. By clicking on this stamp, this store appears to be LegitScript certified as part of the commercial certification program.

Prescription requirements

It is imperative that you have a prescription when ordering from this store. When you fill in your information on the site, they’ll contact you so they can get a copy of your prescription or your doctor’s details so they can get one. This correct condition for obtaining a valid prescription explains that not only does this store operate by law, but it is a safe place to purchase your medication.

Payment and shipping works with a valid security certificate to ensure that your private information cannot be intercepted when entered at the store.You can pay for the treatment by:

  • MasterCard
  • AmEx
  • Visa

Free shipping with most offers from this pharmacy. Standard USPS shipping applies to other unclassified offers. This store only ships to US addresses. US Until then, not all countries are included.


As we explained earlier, this online pharmacy has been around for a long time and as a result, of course, you expect to find many reviews on various websites. Surprisingly, we have not found any certificates for this store. Your Trustpilot page does not contain certificates and the pharmacy does not claim this. The lack of customer reviews like this should be a cause for concern as we cannot verify that the pharmacy is working correctly as suggested.


There are many reasons to recommend this pharmacy website. They have the right organization and presentation of the right address for the pharmacy. But not everything was fine. The lack of customer testimonials raises a big question mark as to whether or not these companies are really working safely. For these reasons, we give 4 out of 5 stars to – Still hiding something is a pharmacy that it claims has been in business since 2014. They claim they are dedicated to gaining the trust and respect of their customers. Take a look at the details of this pharmacy to see if they are already making these promises and if you should use them to meet your medical needs.

Domain name information

Registered domain data shows that this website address was registered in 2014. This is in line with what they say about your company from the same year, making it easy to find. What is not very good is to see that the owner has chosen to use the privacy of the domain. This means that they have decided for any reason that they do not want to reveal their contact details. This lack of transparency is cause for concern and may indicate a problem at a pharmacy.

Legal approvals

The regulations are designed to help pharmacies provide their customers with a safe service. However, does not provide evidence that it works with any regulations. They have an agreement with the customer and a shipping policy on their site. They also claim that pharmacies are properly organized. LegitScript definitely sees this as a problem, they reviewed the store and found it unsupported. This means that they may not work according to the laws of the countries they sell to.

Available medications

This store specializes in selling insulin and other diabetes medications. They say insulin comes with fresh gel packs to keep them cool before birth. Store prices appear to be cheaper than regular US prices. USA They say that all medications are shipped from, although they do not provide information on these distribution sites. Without any evidence, we just have to believe this to be true. This is a problem, along with the lack of information we found about who is behind the store, showing a pattern that is not wonderful to discover. They do not want to give information about who they are or where to give medicine. They need a real recipe before placing their order. It is good to see that and make it clear that you follow the regular rules for drug distribution in Canada.


Payment and shipping website is secure and accepts payments for:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard

The shipping fee is set at $ 35 as long as you live in the continental United States. Other regions and countries can expect higher shipping costs. They say that applications usually take 3 to 5 business days.


It can be nice to find reassuring customer feedback from a company you are considering using. There are reviews on their Facebook page. They have a total score of 4.7 out of 5, which looks pretty good.
The comments are real, but after close examination the comments are not as good as they first appear. Reviewers don’t always rate Facebook, so some negative reviews don’t affect the overall score. Many customers report slower delivery times than expected. This seems to indicate a problem with this pharmacy that many customers are experiencing. The pharmacy appears to be packed with orders that they were unable to process to the satisfaction of all customers. This may be only a temporary problem, but it is not a good advertisement for this store.


At first glance, this pharmacy looks like a prestigious store, but it looks a little closer and there are some problems. While they often appear to be a legitimate pharmacy, they can improve transparency. We do not know who runs or where the medications are provided from. Based on our results, a 3-star out of 5 rating is adequate for this pharmacy.