– Saving money just began is a company that provides US citizens with information on prescription drugs and their prices through its website, regardless of location. The price of prescription drugs is high in the United States, and most American citizens cannot afford prescription drugs, and at least 25% actively avoid filling their prescriptions. Because the prices of these drugs are disorganized or fixed, they differ from pharmacy to pharmacy in different places. The site helps consumers find information and compare prescription drug prices at different pharmacies in their area.

How does it work

These affiliated pharmacies work with insurance companies to offer discounts to people with or without insurance. allows consumers in different locations to compare drug prices at nearby pharmacies and print coupons. This can save up to 80% in costs. And this service is completely free. They work not only with regular clients, but also with doctors, hospitals and clinics.

Features and prices

A PC version and a mobile app are available for iOS and Android devices. This is convenient to use. First, we check if there is any necessary medication. Each medicine contains a prescription and a price list according to the different pharmacies. It is important to remember that does not sell any product or service. Then we choose a nearby or comprehensive pharmacy and get a discount coupon. They partnered with some well-known pharmacies to offer discounts to their members, including:

  • CVS
  • Walmart
  • Greens
  • Albertsons

They say they are working to create a more affordable option for customers looking to buy drugs. They provide their services to U.S. citizens, giving people a better chance of following the medications prescribed by their doctors. The good thing about SingleCare.comĀ service is that they don’t charge their members for the debit card they provide.

Customer service

For any questions, complaints, or concerns, customers can call customer service at 2553-799-258 888 or voice their concerns to the site using the Contact Us link. The company does not return the money to its customers because it does not sell any products or services!


There are many positive reviews for from customers who have bought prescription drugs at a discount even without insurance coverage. They use the site a lot and think that the service is the best. But some clients are not satisfied. Often their problems are in the pharmacy. For example, some coupons were rejected even though customers contacted pharmacies to ensure acceptance of the coupon. Some customers claim that the discount obtained is not as good as the discount on the website. Others also complained about the phone number provided to contact customer service. This number was not useful to them.


This site is useful if you want to save money or have trouble buying your medicine regardless of your insurance status. You can also get more information about medications and their side effects for free anywhere in the United States. Just be more careful with the pharmacy you choose. Our star rating is 4 out of 5. – Too young to be certified claims to be a reliable online pharmacy selling many drugs at a low price. In fact, however, we have decided that according to, this pharmacy is a fraudster target. In this regard, we recommend reading the full review so that you can better understand this pharmacy.

Domain information

Therefore, we will now talk about the information related to the field of this pharmacy that we obtained from Based on our analysis, the platform has been active since 2020-01-18. So it is clear that the platform does not have much experience or knowledge in the basic industry. The domain expires on 2021-01-18.


Company profile details profile details are an important part of this entire review. This data even helps us to understand whether the pharmacy is legal or fraudulent. To collect this information, we have recruited help. Based on our analysis, the platform is not a safe and reliable site that you can trust. For example, the website gets a low confidence score according to It also states that the platform may not be safe to use. The site has no comments. Their confidence is only 25%, and it is very weak. Additionally, we found that the site did not share details of the organization, owner, address, postal code, and city. To be precise, all these basic details of privacy were written. In our experience, no legitimate company will seek to hide or write such important details. On the contrary, corrupt pharmacies often hide commercial file data to mislead customers.


Legal approvals

Unfortunately, was unable to obtain legal approval. Whether it is CIPA or LegitScript, the platform has not been approved because it does not comply with the rules and regulations set by third party organizations such as CIPA and LegitScript. Since the platform does not have legal clearances and medicines do not come from the licensing authority, we do not really recommend this pharmacy.

Products and prices

Well, it is true that the platform sells a variety of drugs. Starting with antibiotics, allergies to hair loss, herbs and weight loss, at a very low price, you can buy any of the above types of medications from this online clinic. The price of medicines is very low at Since these medications are obtained without a license or without certification from the authorities, the quality of these medications is poor and regular consumption of these medications can harm your health.

Payment and shipping

We have verified the payment options supported by this pharmacy! According to our rating, the platform accepts:

  • Master card credit card
  • Visa
  • Diners Club
  • Electronic checks

Therefore, you can use any of the above payment methods to place an order with this online pharmacy. We have even found that this online clinic supports only two types of shipping methods.

Delivery methods

Delivery time from depends on available shipping methods. For example, it can take five to nine days to deliver an order if it is shipped via Trackable Courier Service. As the name implies, the trackable messaging service comes with the tracking option. Likewise, products can also be shipped via Airmail Service which takes 14 to 21 days to deliver the order.


Unfortunately, we found that this pharmacy does not have customer reviews. To verify this, we checked on as we determined that this platform does not have a reputation for clients. Reviews on the same site look familiar. We have seen them many times.


As you know, the platform does not contain customer feedback. The site is not supported by CIPA and LegitScript. In fact, simply has a fraudulent company and misguided customers. That is why we rated it only with one star. – Loud noise and nothing inside

Canada Pharmacy is a premium online paper pharmacy. In fact, it is a market leader. Their website looks great, but providing the service is far from desirable. It’s also not safe, which is completely unacceptable for a website that claims to sell drugs online. Here’s more information about their fraudulent trading practices.


This site appears to be professional and legitimate. Registered and active. However, if you look at it from a different angle, there are many things to worry about. First of all, ScamAdviser warns against trusting this site, as the trust has been 76% for over four years and still has no comment even on TrustPilot. People always praise the pharmacies that have helped them a lot and the lack of reviews for an online pharmacy that has been running for almost five years is a clear red light. It is also worth noting that the speed is not good enough for the busy internet pharmacy. Use an anonymous service to hide the identity of the site owner and there is no accurate and verifiable information about your site. may be located in the UK, Germany or Romania, although the pharmacy claims its headquarters are in Canada.

Products and services provided

There is a long list of medicines here, but there are actually fake medicines. Counterfeiting is not limited to generic medicines. Even fake tracks. You will never know what these medicines are made of and where they come from. Counterfeit medicines are not only illegal, but they can also be harmful to your health. So don’t be fooled by the beautiful images you see here. Everything that glitters is not gold. You cannot know the quality of these medications by viewing them on a computer screen. The pharmacy also undertakes to send you medicines anywhere in the world. This is an empty promise. Don’t depend on it.

False licenses and professional references

Every pharmacy wants to link to the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). Therefore, this pharmacy claims to be CIPA approved. However, CIPA only works with forensic pharmacies. It’s no wonder that it only recognizes 66 websites and, unsurprisingly, doesn’t include This pharmacy also claims to be licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Ontario College of Pharmacists. It claims to be one of the top-rated PharmacyChecker pharmacies, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is simply an empty container that is known to make the loudest noise. If you are this type of online shopper and looking for stamps and certificates on a website to determine their reliability, this pharmacy will easily fool you. She has stamps and certificates, but they are all fake.

Comments and testimonials

There are some positive reviews from on the website, but it doesn’t seem real. Everyone is talking about a drug, Zithromax. It is easy to think that this pharmacy only sells this medicine. The actual reviews could have affected at least every property or method of dealing with customers here. The fact that these reviews aren’t available anywhere else allows the cat to get out of the bag.
securityinca canreviewss


This pharmacy is a scam. The online pharmacy that doesn’t provide the high-quality medications, comfort, and appreciation you need to control your disgraceful condition is useless. You will need to borrow a piece of paper from an online pharmacy and save a photo. Only 1 star out of 5. – Not the best record is an online store that promises to provide high-quality medicines worldwide. Top sellers are men’s health medications, and they even give up some of these pills with every order. Take a look at the details of this pharmacy to find some of the main problems that we are concerned about in this store.

Domain name information

We can see that this domain name was registered last year. This is generally not a good sign and indicates that this pharmacy site is potentially a scam. Domain registration also shows that the store owner has chosen to use the privacy service to really hide who they are. This is another issue indicating that this store may be a scam.


Business Contact Information

Trusted online pharmacies are happy to provide information about who you are and where you are. We have seen your company name several times in the past, and it is associated with very dubious online pharmacies like Your company name may seem legitimate, but it is not. This is not a real company name registered with the Canadian government, but this name is used to give more credibility to the store and it is a fake company name.


Regulatory approval

This store uses MIPA stamps and pharmacy checker. The first problem we face with these stamps is that they are gray and you cannot click on them to verify the registration. Due to these issues, it is not surprising that this store is not registered with these associations when we verify. They use these stamps fraudulently and have no regulations in practice. They also claim that they have an international license and provide a number and date for approval. However, they do not say who administers this international licensing system and do not believe that it already exists. We have seen many other stores that use the company name “Canadian Pharmacy Ltd.” She claims to have this fictitious international license, it is a lie.


Related shops

We have discovered that there is a similar online store from uses the same website logo, has the same phone numbers, and sells the same products at similar prices. Pharmacy owners often cheat by creating multiple duplicate stores and loading them with different domain names. These sites appear to have the same owner, although we cannot confirm that they are trying to remain anonymous. The weird thing about these stores is that they use TLDs, which will not be your first choice when registering a website address. Generally, the com and biz TLDs are registered only if the com and net versions are already in use. When we review the file on the internet, we see that in the past there was a very similar pharmacy that used the address I have used the same logo that Biz and currently uses. We can also see that they also used the address, but none of these online stores is currently available. If they stop using the .com address, lost customers and money, switching to another TLD is not something they will do voluntarily. This indicates that the authorities have closed it because nothing else makes sense.

Payment and shipping lacks the very simple SSL security certificate. However, when you go through the checkout process, you are on another website that provides a security certificate. Using another site to process orders is common in fraud shops and you can pay with:

  • Visa
  • Master card credit card

Your shipping options are EMS or Airmail. EMS service costs $19.95, comes with tracking, and is expected to take 3-8 business days. Airmail takes 2-3 business days and pays $9.95.


There is a store page for comments from The certificates we see here can be found on many other websites and are completely fake.



There are many problems with this store. They lie about regulations, the store is a duplicate of others, and they have a proven track record of closed operating stores. You should avoid this pharmacy, a 1 star out of 5. – Medication quality problems

Have you heard about Are you wondering if this is a pharmacy or legal fraud? Therefore it is highly recommended to review this review. In this review, we give you a complete description of this online pharmacy. For example, we will discuss your domain information, company profile information, legal approvals, and many other relevant information on the website of this pharmacy. So continue reading and learn more about it in the following sections.

Domain information

Now we will verify the domain information of this pharmacy that we have verified through The domain registration date is listed on 5/27/2004, which means that it is not a new site that was recently launched. The platform naturally has a lot of experience or expertise in the core industry. Therefore, you are asked not to trust them or never to try to buy drugs from The range expires on 7/27/2020 (in less than 1 month).

Company profile information

Like field details, pharmacy company profile details are an important part of a complete review. In this case, we have fully validated the information through Well, we found that the overall rating for this pharmacy website is very low. It appears to be a completely unreliable and untrustworthy website that you can never trust. In addition to the low reliability, the rating of this pharmacy is very low. It is clearly stated that users should exercise caution when visiting this pharmacy or trying to purchase medicines sold on the website of this pharmacy. The overall rating of the reliability of this pharmacy is only 0%, which indicates it is a dangerous and unsafe pharmacy platform.


The home page of is very similar to other corrupt pharmacies with a rogue company. The website has a bad and vulgar web interface at a very slow speed. In addition, during our analysis we also found that the platform is linked to many identical websites. All of these mirror sites have the same style of website design just like this pharmacy. Below is a list of their mirror sites.

Legal approvals

Are you wondering if this pharmacy has obtained legal approval or not? If so, we recommend that you refer to this section for more information. We have already checked out platforms like and to see if this site (i.e. has received any approval. Unfortunately, we have found that has mentioned that the platform is evil. According to, the platform is engaged in fraudulent fraud and commercial activities. Customers are advised not to buy medicines from this illegal platform. Likewise, this pharmacy is also not approved by because it does not meet the validation criteria of CIPA pharmacies.

Products and prices

The pharmacy mainly sells poor quality men’s health drugs at a very inexpensive price. Other than this, other drug categories are also available.
Payment and shipping methods
All credit cards on are permitted to make a purchase or to order online. There are two shipping methods, like trackable express mail service and airmail service.


Reviews and Conclusion

Customer reviews are not listed on There are a few customer reviews and ratings on this pharmacy’s website. Based on this review, this is a completely fraud and fraudulent pharmacy. Never buy counterfeit medications. We gave a 1-star rating.

testimonials06 – Rogue pharmacy online is one of countless pharmacies that disguise legitimate online pharmacies. However, we were able to discover a pharmacy for what a fool actually was. We conduct a thorough investigation and discuss our results in detail below. Read this review in detail before buying anything from the pharmacy.

Domain information

According to the domain was registered on 12/05/2018. The domain age (2 years) corresponds to the age profile of most unauthorized online pharmacies. Legitimate online pharmacies are usually several years old. They are also open about your domain information. The owners of have hidden important domain information such as registrant information. They used the GKG.NET privacy service to hide this information.

Business information

Like most illegal online stores, figuring out a site’s business name or physical address is a daunting task. Our investigation showed that a company has an address in the Czech Republic, but we doubt it is legitimate. Also, the ‘About Us’ page is very superficial and the pharmacy membership program is named after the brand name ‘Suspect Pharmacy in the United States’, ‘Online Pharmacy’ under a different name.

Regulatory approval

The world of online pharmacies is heavily regulated for obvious reasons. However, some unscrupulous people are still trying to operate pharmacies online without legal approval. is one such pharmacy. The pharmacy has been ‘mobilized’ as legitimate and professional; However, we couldn’t find any prominent regulator of approved pharmacy online pharmacies. One of the organizers of an online pharmacy, LegitScript, even stated that the pharmacy was a villain. The false status of LegitScript means that the pharmacy did not meet the basic requirements for verifying online pharmacies. Buying from this pharmacy can expose you to false, bad, or harmful drugs. You also lose money. Online pharmacy with no verifiable brand, physical address and legal approval is likely to take your money and not deliver.


Ppe2u focuses on sex enhancement drugs from “suspicious” Asian countries such as Pakistan and India, which is typical of online pharmacy scams. You don’t need a prescription to buy these drugs. It’s also cheap and in high demand, making it a suitable choice for unscrupulous people looking to take advantage of online pharmacy companies quickly.

Payment and Delivery

Payment was also made quickly and easily, allowing unsuspecting customers to buy counterfeit, poor quality, or contraband “without hindrance.” The pharmacy offers all the popular online payment methods, including cryptocurrency payment like Bitcoin that people interested in online camouflage like. Visa and MasterCard accepted. However, we noted that the pharmacy did not have SSL certification, which is a requirement for online stores offering secure online connections to their customers. Regarding delivery, has a special section on the site that emphasizes the shipping policy. Customers have access to world-class shipments: EMS and Airmail. It may take several days to weeks for your order to be received, depending on the option you choose.


Our only problem is that the published certificates are fake. A brief overview of the history of some of the reviews published by customers indicates that it was dated 4 years ago (published in 2016). How can this be true when the site domain was registered in 2018?


You can find out that it is a fake online store from the above information. The pharmacy is not compatible! We also cannot ignore fake reviews, hidden owner information, and very cheap prices that cannot be maintained unless the drugs are fake or smuggled. We no longer need proof to emulate We rate our online pharmacy 1 out of 5 stars. – Scam chain claims to be a pharmacy with over 7 years of experience. It also guarantees 100% delivery. As a result, when you visit the site, you will often feel like it’s a legitimate pharmacy. Today we will be sharing our review with you to help you understand whether it deserves your attention or not.

Company information

Even when you search for domain-specific WHOIS information, you will notice that there is little or no information about the headquarters of the company or the city in which you work. For this reason, it is not easy to trust them. The only information you will get is that it may be from Latvia or the United States. In addition, the organization’s name, owner, address and postal code are clearly protected. No legitimate company will protect all this information. That is why it is a big red sign if you have two ideas about this pharmacy.

Domain information page explains who we are with more than 7 years experience. When you verify the age of the company domain, you will see that it was registered again on 06/15/2012. This means that it is legitimate information.


Company profile

When we tried to go deeper to learn more about the company behind the pharmacy, we were a little confused. Evidence shows that the domain is hosted in the United States, but the contact page includes an address from the Czech Republic. does not indicate anywhere that it is on the Czech Republic home page. Provides the American helpline number. The USA and the European Union, but nothing else. However, the truth is very different. The listed address is also very limited, which makes it difficult to find the exact location of the company even in the Czech Republic.

Regulatory approval

Legit Script claims is a fraudulent pharmacy. Fraudulent pharmacy is a pharmacy that does not abide by the rules and regulations. At the same time, you cannot trust the authenticity of the drugs this site sells. In this case, you will definitely not get approval from trusted regulatory authorities. It does not advertise itself. It is one of the reasons why it is best to stay away from this pharmacy.



Price on is in the form of a costly pill. It is a little misleading. When purchasing medicines, do not purchase them via the pill or cap. So when you finally add it to the cart, you know the cost is almost the same as with other fraudulent pharmacies. If you plan to use this pharmacy to save money, it will not give you much benefit.


Payments and delivery

Currently, the pharmacy only accepts Visa, Amex and online checks. It is not indicated that it accepts Diners Club, American Express or MasterCard. So, if you have one of these cards, you cannot order it. Question page states that medications are made in India and that order processing will also take place in India. However, since you are ordering from the Western Hemisphere, it may take a week or two before you get your medication. For this reason, if you are ready to wait, you can only order in this pharmacy. The pharmacy uses EMS shipping and registered airmail to ship your medicines.

Mirror sites

Every legitimate pharmacy does not have mirror sites. has other mirror sites, however. The company creates mirror sites only when the authorities block the main site. Therefore, it is a big red sign, so it is recommended to avoid this pharmacy.


The pharmacy contains many certificates on the main page and on the special certificates page. You can answer your call if these reviews are legitimate or not.



Although the variety of drugs offered by is impressive, the number of warning signs clearly indicates that it is a pharmacy where you should be away. LegitScript also claims to be a fraudulent pharmacy. That’s why you should stay away from that. We only give it 2 out of 5 stars given the amount of red flags. – Simply elaborated scam is an online pharmacy that sells and sells a wide variety of generic and prescription drugs. With attractive low prices and two reliable shipping methods, you’ll think you’ll never need an online pharmacy again. Is that correct? Find in our review!

Company Origins and Certification is an online pharmacy operating since July 1999. This company is said to be based in Canada, but various sources indicate otherwise. This job is not only found elsewhere, but there is a high probability that this job has been involved in much larger fraud. Let’s start with the certification that this company has achieved on the website. If you look at the bottom of the page, you’ll notice an impressive set of stamps that have clearly been approved by this pharmacy for storing and distributing medications and selling them to customers. When a company decides to display the seal / certificate of approval on its page, it usually goes directly to that organization’s website by clicking on the seal. However, these stamps do not leave you. In fact, they just take you to the online pharmacy store page. The licenses of this pharmacy are false. If you take a closer look, you will notice the inevitable signs written by someone with little English language skills.


Official Website is very simple and, as we learned from fake licenses and seals of approval, this site is not actually SSL protected. They had to change their domain due to the large number of domain closings, which ended the original domain in 2008. Also, the medical staff photo on the “About Us” page is just a saved image taken from the internet and is not the real medical staff working on it. There areĀ  great connections to websites that work together to sell fake drugs for affiliate sales commissions. This process includes stealing credit card information and hosting multiple websites on hacked domains.

Shipping and Delivery methods like the large number of websites involved in this fraud system, it offers two delivery methods. The cheapest is registered airmail and it takes up to 21 days for delivery. The fastest through USPS, but only available to US customers. USA Shipping costs depend on the location you request and they ship your product to most countries in the world.


There are no certificates on the page left by clients, as well as no external reviews. When it comes to praise or criticism, the work on reviews is short and has nothing to offer. There are plenty of other websites that recognize it as a scam and warn potential customers not to catch or cheat on them.


If you are looking for an honest and fair pharmacy that sells you good quality medications and does not steal your credit card information, you do not need to search here. This is just a massive scam, though you should give manufacturers credit for the extra effort to ensure they can find fake licenses, stamps, and even your potential office photos. has 1 star. Even this is very good. – Still pay attention claims to be the home of the cheapest drugs offered by the world’s most popular pharmacies. They say they have a proven track record and that their website looks very professional. Our research shows that not everything is exactly perfect like this online pharmacy.

Their offer offers a wide range of treatments for many different problems. It provides both prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines, and you must have a valid prescription for fax or transmission, if possible. Communication looks good with this site. They not only have email address and phone numbers, but they also have postal address, fax numbers and live chat option on website. Her Facebook page is active, offering health tips and discount offers.

Domain name information

Data show that this domain name was already registered in 2000. This will be a very safe site for doing business. However, the site itself has not been around for a long time. The domain name may have changed ownership since it was first registered, as the site has ceased to exist since 2000. This domain name is a good, short title for an online pharmacy, and as such, the pharmacy appears to be more legitimate and established than it is actually. The privacy service was also used to keep the owner’s contact information for public records.


Legal approvals

Legal approval makes this company appear to be based in Canada, while we have shown that the company is behind it in Dubai. To obtain their legal approvals, this must mean that they have partnered with a Canadian pharmacy to provide medicines. Organizational accreditation is important to ensure that the medication you receive is safe and that you trust the pharmacy to handle your data responsibly. is seeking approval from two regulatory associations: CIPA and These approvals are valid and these stamps may appear. classifies this online pharmacy as “rascal”. You claim that you violate applicable laws.


Medicines can be purchased with credit cards. The site is protected by a valid site certificate. They also have Norton Shopping warranty, which provides protection against identity theft and purchase guarantee.


Free shipping for all orders to USA.Delivery to other countries is at least $ 19.95, but this depends on the source of the medicine.


Customer testimonials are a useful way to find out if a company is worth your time. We hope that you will be notified if a problem with the company has caused problems when submitting the application. Sometimes, online pharmacies that do not use legitimate fake reviews on their website are as if they are more trustworthy than they really are. This is not what we found on, where customer feedback is collected on a separate certification site and looks real.


This online pharmacy offers some really good things. Free shipping in the USA and USA, proper accreditation and safe order are just a few highlights. They also have a lot of great customer reviews. However, we celebrate it as less than perfect and give it 3 out of 5 stars. The reason for our low rating is simply that the site is very new, despite appearances that a more established company might suggest. – Ugly look, but could be reliable is an online pharmacy. Like most online pharmacies, they claim to sell high quality medicines and give them to consumers. Their goal is to help desperate patients get the medical help they need at an affordable price. Although they claim to serve consumers around the world, their website indicates they are present and limited to Cyprus which is strange.

Domain information was created on March 14, 2004 and is expected to expire in 2021. First of all, the domain is expected to expire in 2021 and it is also very close. These ephemeral websites should be treated with caution as they are very similar to scams. Cheating has no interest in staying in the pharmacy for a long time. They want to steal as much money and financial information as possible from gullible consumers before they disappear. That is why we recommend that you only work with pharmacies that have a minimum of four or five years of supervision.


Related sites

You can find more than 60 sites on the same server with But this is not a problem. It is quite common for small businesses to reduce operating costs by sharing computer and network resources. has assigned a trusted pharmacy of 88 percent, which is encouraging. It is also the fact that most other sites on this server have equally high confidence rates.

Business information

There is little to see here. According to Scamadviser, the owner of this medical site has chosen to remain hidden and it is never a good sign. The most difficult problem is the fact that the creation of this platform consists of two states. As with the owner, the address of is also a puzzle. A page on the website indicates that the pharmacy may be owned by Kentrax Limited. Kentrax Limited would also operate outside of Turkey. This conclusion is based on the “Terms and Conditions” page, which states that the pharmaceutical portal is primarily aimed at users in Turkey. But you will have a hard time finding specific information about Kentrax. Visually is ugly. The design is generic and not very inspiring and no effort has been made to give it a professional shine. The content is poorly written and full of grammatical errors. The ordering process is simple. You must browse the platform catalog. Once you have found the desired pills, select the quantity and follow the instructions.


Regulatory authority

This pharmacy is definitely a villain. No one can find any evidence authorized by a regulatory agency to distribute medicines online. This is why calls rogue.


Available medicines

This medical platform contains a catalog of all the medicines you can find in a traditional store. This includes Alzheimer’s, asthma, cancer and other pills. The drug sold here is generic. The company is shipped from India. They claim that they only need a prescription from customers living in countries who have laws that require all medical purchases to be accompanied by a valid prescription. If your country’s laws require regulations for your medical purchases, you have three days to send the required documents. Otherwise your order will be canceled.

Prices, payments and deliveries

The drug sold here is generic. It is also bought cheaply in India. As such, the price tags are just as low. All payments to are made by credit card. The company assures all its customers that their financial information is protected by strong encryption tools. It is hard to believe what they all say. Any medications you request will be shipped via the $ 30 courier service or a $ 10 standard international airmail. Expect to wait up to 21 days.


You can find reviews of this site on the official certification page. But you cannot know whether it was written by real people or not. The site doesn’t even include reviews on third-party platforms like


Conclusion achieved a reliability rating of 2 out of 5. It did not prove it was genuine. You do not have the correct information and have not bothered to provide a verifiable business address. This can be a scam.