– Not bad deals, but some issues is famous for its extremely low prices. With promises of prompt shipping and timely service, it definitely looks like a good option at first sight. What is below the surface? Find out in on our review.

Company Origins And Certification

See low prices and fast shipping at a glance to create a very desirable option when it comes to choosing a good online pharmacy. Founded in 2004, the company has announced a pharmacy based in Canada that ships orders from recipients worldwide. De approved by CIPA for distributing measurements. The main certified pharmacy is located in Canada and licensed by the Manitoba College of Pharmacy. While it appears they are all licensed by several FDA and health ministries, the company has refused to give the names and license numbers of pharmacists, making it more suspicious.

Business information

Users who have inquiries and customers who request help can contact this pharmacy via email or use the toll-free number to speak directly to a customer service representative. As always, a prescription called Rx is required to complete the order. Receipt can be faxed, e-mailed, or e-mailed to the procedure. provides a wide range of prescription medications along with some non-prescription and even pet medications. With a low shipping price of up to $ 9.99 and no limit on prescription. On request, customers are encouraged to purchase within three months of delivery Although prices are generally low, no coupons, discounts, or promotional sales are offered to the customer. There are no known hidden exemptions or medical fees associated with the city’s total prices. Also, there are no refund policies or refund guarantees to satisfy customers, which only give customer service members contact if something goes wrong.

Official Website

The trusted site was registered on 11/26/2004. After closer examination, the site appears to be located in Germany and operates mainly from the United States. Use the WHOIS protection service to hide site exercise and other operators. All customers must open an account to order medicines online. The site promises the absolute privacy of your personal and medical information. This online store accepts transactions through:

  • Amex
  • Discover
  • International money transfers


Shipping and delivery methods

When it comes to shipping, did not provide your shipping company information. Based on customer feedback, US and Canada Post and some international parcel companies are largely used to ship orders worldwide. Estimated delivery time 7-14 days after order placed. Large numbers of clients indicate that orders tend to be delayed, even if renewal orders are submitted early enough, which has led to numerous disputes and unhappy customers in the process.


In addition to the general opinions of users who praised the company in short, there were many very negative comments that extended to bad experiences with fast delivery and order processing. Since most of the positive reviews on are very vague and potentially suspiciously similar, it is very likely that the positive reviews are wrong and occur as a result of the company trying to advertise its own business for.


Is this pharmacy a legal fraud? While they have the requisite certification and offer affordable drugs, the fact that they are taking thoughtful steps to hide their identities should be a big red mark. The company that does not want to disclose its affiliates, license numbers or even the country of origin must be contacted with many doubts. Therefore, only gets 3 out of 5 stars with this review, leaving many unanswered questions about its true purpose. – Not young and shady is a pharmacy that claims to only provide the highest quality medicine to customers. Their prices are low too, so can you trust them? Our vision of their services indicates that anyone who trusts this pharmacy will be very wrong.

Domain name information

Looking at the field record shows that this store is not new. They have been registered for 8 years. When it comes to the contact information of the person or company that registered the domain, we were lucky here. They choose to use the domain name service to hide their information and this is something we often see in fake stores.


Mirror Pharmacies

When we go to this pharmacy site, we immediately see a problem. This is a mirror page that we have seen many times before using different domain names. This is not a good thing and makes it very likely that a pharmacy will not provide good service to its customers.

Commercial contact information

The contact information provided by this pharmacy is the same as in other mirror stores. They provide an address in the Czech Republic. However, the trade name does not appear to represent a real business, and there is no indication that this is the case. The address is a real office building, although it may be a completely fake mailbox or address, we cannot confirm any of the cases.

Regulatory approvals

If you are looking for a pharmacy that works according to regulations, this store does not look like it. They do not display any organizational stamps on the site and do not mention anything that suggests that they work reliably and professionally.


Medicine supplied

The primary focus of this pharmacy appears to be the men’s health market, although it also offers a number of other treatments. There is a passing mention on the FAQ page that the pills are being shipped from India. They do not give the name of the pharmacy that distributes the medicine, so we have no way to check if this is done professionally. This leads us to believe that the pills sold by this pharmacy may not be of the high quality that you claim or want. It looks like they are probably selling counterfeit and counterfeit drugs from this site. This poses a significant risk to the health of anyone who depends on the medications sold by this pharmacy.


Payment and shipping

The logging of this pharmacy ends on another site with some security. They pay for their products using the following methods:

  • Mastercard credit card
  • Bitcoin

These limited options are not what you would expect from a regular online retailer and they do not seem to work professionally.


The reviews of can be found on the certification page of this site. However, the comments on the page are not correct and can also be seen on other mirror pages. They use false criticisms like this to try to persuade potential buyers that they are trustworthy, but the truth could not be further from the truth.



We only give one star to this misleading pharmacy. They are a mirror shop for many other stores and are unlikely to offer reliable quality pills to their customers. They have no organization and we really don’t know who they are or where they are. The information they provide is false, as is the testimony of their customers. – Secrets are hidden is an online pharmacy that claims to have delivered pills to 100,000 customers. They also confirm that these customers have given them a 84% satisfaction rate. Our review of this pharmacy shows that these claims are hard to believe, read on to find out why.

Domain name information

The domain name database gives us the details to register this domain address and explains what happened in 2005. While this store has been around for a long time since many fraudulent pharmacies, this is still a good indicator of a trust pharmacy. The contact information for the owner of this store does not appear in the records and the only indication of where they came from is where the registrar is located. The pharmacy owner used a Pakistani registrar, this indicates his location.

Who runs this pharmacy?

A name and business address can not be found on contact page. This is not great. This means we do not know who is really running this pharmacy or where it is in the world. There are no headquarters in Seychelles and it is certain that they already appear in Bangladesh, whose domain registration is an indication. Another issue is the date on which this business was established. The company was created in 2003, but only its website was created in 2005. This may indicate that this is not the first pharmacy site on the Internet and its previous store may have been closed by the authorities, although we cannot be sure.

Regulatory approvals

Looking at LegitScript, we can see that only saw the place to give them the “most complicated” rating. This means that they believe that the store operates outside the applicable laws of parts of the world that sell to it. This store does not give any indication that you have regulatory approval to sell medicines online. There are no seals or references that work within an organizational structure. They say the pills are safe, but don’t expect them to say otherwise.

Medicines for sale mainly sells generic drugs. They offer a fair selection of products including antibiotics, cholesterol treatments, herbal pills and men’s health medicines. They say most of their products are manufactured and shipped from India, but they are also shipped from England,Singapore, Canada, and Lithuania. The pharmacy does not provide any information on pharmacies involved in the distribution of its related products.

Payment and shipping

The pages on this site are protected by a valid SSL certificate that you would expect from any trusted online retailer. They only accept payments by visa or electronic check. Shipping costs are $15 for fast delivery. They claim that delivery is typically 8-15 business days and you will receive a tracking number via email.


This store claims to have received 84% satisfaction approval from more than 50,000 customers. However, when searching for reviews online, we can only find the Trustpilot site with very few certificates. There are very few testimonials on this site so we can all write here. Yes, they only have two client certificates. This is a surprisingly low number as they claimed 50,000 customers, it seems obvious that this was a lie.


There are many problems with this pharmacy to get a recommendation from us. They hide behind an outside education company, and we can’t say who owns it or where they are. They are not organized and do not provide enough information about it and it’s 1 star out of 5. – They will surprise you is another online pharmacy that you have no reason to trust. Do not be afraid of the reasons for reaching such a conclusion. We explain why below. Read on.


Pharmacy claims to sell medicines online and worldwide. She doesn’t have a specific place to work from, and many people have a chance of where he really can be (we’ll talk about that later). It certainly provides medicines at low prices and this may attract you to buy medicines with them.

The source of the drug

We just mentioned that delivers medicines at very low prices, which makes you wonder if the manufacturer is earning or doing charity work. Therefore, the drug is very likely to come from cross-border smuggling and there is a high risk of poisoning. So take care of yourself, please.

The location

Unknown. The site uses some kind of technology to hide your identity. Although some claim to work from India, some Bangladesh and many others, we are very convinced that these colleagues work from the Netherlands. We have more than needed guide. The cache hides a lot. This means something funky is going on. This goes without saying. Just tell us if you want to buy drugs from an unidentified person. Maybe something else, but not drugs.  Contact Information

Contact with on-site customer support agents is by email only. There is no possibility of live chat or any other reliable communication strategy. Why? To make things worse, even after sending an email, I’m not sure of a quick and appropriate response. Something must be wrong somewhere. This indicates that these business operators expect to be bothered by difficult questions that they cannot answer. Therefore, they do not want to be available to answer what they really cannot. This is a lack of confidence in what they are doing. Is it not?


Payment options

To begin with, payments to this site are secured by the site using HTTPS to protect data. This is cool, but you really don’t expect them to secure the payments. They need money.nThe payment options accepted by are Mastercard and Visa. There is no Bitcoin, no Paypal, no American Express, no GCB, no electronic check and no other payment options! However, a good site should include PayPal among the payment options it offers. Why? We can hear you ask. This is because with Paypal you can easily request a successful refund. You probably know what I mean. So this online pharmacy is a scam. Understand that it is not like astronomy.


People’s opinions say a lot about whether something is reliable or not. Unfortunately on this site, we realize that the customer feedback section does not have a single real positive review. For example, we noticed that Carmel, Mark and Tom are positively reviewing different pharmacies, and this indicates a pure lie.



All of the above has a 1 star rating for . Not the other way around. Hidden, irresponsibility, anonymity and many others certainly make you worth it. Our free advice to you is to avoid this online pharmacy like a plague. You will be an example to others of the slogan that say “cheap is expensive”. Also, ask your friends to ask their friends not to buy from a star as a pharmacy unless they have free lives and resources to use if they lose the star they now own. Good luck! – Address misunderstanding is an online pharmacy that claims to have earned an excellent reputation for selling effective drugs at low prices with fast service. We are researching these claims to see if you should really buy pills here.

Domain information

As a general rule, domain names registered for a longer period offer more legal online pharmacies, and this site name has been around for some time. The use of the privacy service is not very promising, since fraudulent pharmacies often use these services. However, after verification it turns out that is actually redirecting to this pharmacy.The domain was already registered in 2002. Today, the domain name is registered with the Canadian registrar and the privacy service is being reused. This is the domain name that is definitely better than the one they actually use should belong to the same company. It is strange that they have decided not to use it now. It turns out someone previously used this shorter address at another pharmacy dating from 2002, then at the same store as in 2015. We don’t know why we switched to another domain name, but the cause is unlikely to be good.


Business contact information

This location information was found for on the store’s own pages, and you take a look below.

Regulatory approval

The rules must ensure your safety when buying medications online. However, doesn’t seem to have any rules. They say the drugs they sell are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, although they cannot provide supporting evidence. LegitScript searches online pharmacy websites to make sure they comply with the rules. With this store, they don’t think they classify the site as a phishing pharmacy

Available Products has a good selection of pills. The store specializes in the sale of contraceptives and abortion medications. There are many articles on this topic on his blog. The site says you must have a prescription when you request treatment at their store, but they don’t ask you to send them the prescription.

Payment and delivery

Medications can be purchased at this store using:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • AmEx
  • Western Union
  • Electronic check is protected by a valid SSL certificate and you must create an account to complete the transaction. Available delivery options: EMS or airmail. EMS takes about 10 business days to include the tracking number. Airmail will take 10-21 days, or 21-28 days depending on your location. Free shipping is available if you spend more than $ 200 on medications from this pharmacy.

Comments comments were difficult to find. The only review we found was posted on the pharmacy page on Facebook. Unfortunately, the reviews are generally not very good. They get an average score of 2.3 for the reviews they received. This customer claims that the order was not shipped within a week and that the site must be fraudulent. This test appears to be true from a live account, and it is disappointing that the pharmacy has not responded to this complaint.


In general, seems quite normal. They have been around for some time and offer a number of medications that are not often found in online pharmacies. On the other hand, customer opinions are somewhat mixed, and no organization can be concerned. For these reasons, we give this pharmacy 3 stars out of five. There are better places to buy medications online. – They are in shade is an online pharmacy selling a variety of drugs at the lowest prices. They sell high-quality drugs without a prescription. Your claim is strictly confidential and make sure that consumers receive their products on time. They also have coupon codes for consumers who buy drugs in large quantities. Let’s go deeper and find out more about this online pharmacy.

Domain information

The site domain was created on May 4, 2017. It has two updates since it expired and it is due to expire on November 24, 2021. This domain has been active for some time now, so we could not notice the site as a hoax based on the age of the domain. The most trivial website lasts just under a year. whoisindian

Related sites  is linked to many suspicious websites. Most of these sites are the United Kingdom and Ukraine and a few are dependent on Russia and India. All of these countries are high-risk countries and engage in fraudulent activities, and therefore may lead us to believe that is a fraudulent site. However, they do not share the same URL, because these other websites are not related to pharmacy, but they do share services that may be involved in money laundering, such as casinos and online games.

Company file is probably from Chile but is working in Portugal. We can find other information on the pharmacy profile where they use a service to hide their identity. Since this site is an online pharmacy, we expect to obtain approvals from many regulatory agencies like CIPA LegitScript and pharmacy examination. The fact that none of these seals are on their site has made us verify any of the regulators’ databases. is not a registered member of CIPA, nor is it a member of any other regulatory agency. LegitScript lists the site as a fraudster, which means that he may be involved in fraudulent activities or sell poor quality products that may not be safe for human consumption.

Payment had no payment option on its site. When a customer makes purchases through the website, they are redirected to another website where they continue to check out. The site accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB and bitcoin.


We were unable to find any real customer feedback about the site. This is very strange for a site that has been running for two years. Expect to have customers during this period who would like to share their experiences with the site. As such, we suspect that the site is very new, but is used in the old domain or may have been able to change names for the purpose of tricking people. reviews0305ind


In general, looks suspicious. We can determine why they want to file their commercial file if they are really honest. The data on the website also looks fake and may have been created. The fact that the site lacks certification is also suspicious. So it is important not to shop with this online pharmacy. However, the site deserves a one-star rating. – Domain confusion is an online pharmacy that claims to have built a great reputation by selling cheap effective medications with fast service. We are researching these claims to see if you should consider buying your tablets here.

Domain information

Domain information for this platform that we purchased through is a beginner’s site. The platform has been operating since 2017 and has more than 3 years of experience in this core business. The domain registration date for this pharmacy is 03-15-2017. Ends on 03-15-2021.

Business details

After verifying the domain information for this pharmacy site with, we are now ready to verify whether or not the business profile is linked to the information on this site. These details are available on It is mentioned that the platform is a new site that does not contain comments (as such). The site is located outside the United States. However, the domain owner and owner of the company belong to Barbados. We believe this is the fake owner data that the site has shared. The platform has not revealed the true identity of the site owner. Given these results, we should mention that the platform does not look very safe and reliable.

Legal approvals

Before we conclude whether or not is a safe and reliable site, we must verify whether or not the platform has received regulatory approvals. Based on our analysis, the site is not endorsed by CIPA and LegitScript. It is true that there are some rules and regulations that must be followed before obtaining stamps of approval. At this online pharmacy is just a fake site. They engage in deceptive commercial practices and their medication does not meet the general standards of medical practice in terms of safety and quality.

Product and price

The platform sells a wide range of drugs, so you can easily find and buy the necessary medications. But we are sure that the quality of these drugs is not at a record level. Of course, none of their medications come from licensed manufacturers. By compromising the quality of the drug, the platform managed to reduce the total cost of its medications as much as possible. However, our strong suggestion is that you will not be affected when you look at the low price, because these low-quality, unaccredited medications may not be safe for your health.

Payment and shipping methods

Card payment systems are permitted on this platform. There are two main types of shipping methods, for example EMS and Registered Airmail. For EMS, it comes with the tracking option. For EMS, the required drugs are delivered much faster than the registered airmail service. Standard Standard Mail service takes longer to deliver orders.


At, 0 reviews (for clients in real time) are offered on behalf of this pharmacy, but we were able to find some reviews on their main site. The Certificates section contains negative and positive reviews. However, it is mostly rated excellent and we have seen it as fraudulent.


Well, without regulatory approvals does not seem reliable and secure. Do not buy medicines for them. We give them 2 out of 5 stars.