is one of many online pharmacies that sell generic generics without a prescription. While the site looks professional from afar, there is more to it. The exact location of this company is unknown, and suggestions refer to Cambodia, Pakistan or China as the country of origin. Here is a detailed description of this site.

Business Profile

This company has never set a location in their warehouse! This looks very embarrassing. Under standard and traditional considerations, you will not be sure of their safety if a problem arises and if you need to physically reach them to find a solution. However, sources suspect that they may be in Cambodia, Pakistan or China. So how do you start buying medicine from people who are online only but not physically? Who could they be? This is an almost impossible question to answer. Not? Again, Pharma Offshore doesn’t have a live chat option or phone number. The only way to communicate with them is to send an email. This is not the only ridiculous news. Most, if not all, of the people contacting you via this email do not receive a response at all! Another undeniable defect to


Legal Approvals

This pharmacy does not comply with FDA regulations and does not have valid licenses. The fact that this company is not licensed to deal with drugs indicates that they are counterfeit drugs. So, be careful with this company.


The cost of buying medicines on this site is very cheap. Medicines like Viagra and Cialis only cost $ 2.30 per pill. With these extremely low prices, one can only wonder what the source of these drugs is. While the company claims that all of its drugs come from real manufacturing companies, we strongly doubt that is involved in cross-border smuggling.


Payment and Delivery

They accept payments through MasterCard, Visa and Bitcoin. Among other things, the most popular and acceptable PayPal, American Express and E-check cannot be used. This leaves a question mark. You certainly cannot expect a high rating. Shipping and delivery services are available at an additional cost in more than 50 countries around the world. Whether you use EMS or postal service, the standard shipping cost is $ 9. And standard airmail service costs another $ 9, making a total of $ 18. On the other hand, trackable shipping costs are $ 30 extra, for a total of $ 39. For US and Australian customers, they cannot be tracked because USPS and AU no longer support tracking. All shipments are from East Asia and it may take up to 14 days for the customer to reach them from



A review of the comments and testimonials of the site can give a clear indication of whether the platform is real or not. The certificates look real and go back to 2012-2016. There are no indications for the copied reviews. However, the available assessments are under the control of site administrators. The official may remove or edit any negative certificates as he deems appropriate. Below are screenshots of some reviews. A fraud analysis for this site with the help of a fraud advisor shows that this site has a very low confidence score. With a low confidence rate of 11%, it takes a brave person to order drugs from this site.



Although life itself is a game of chance, you must choose wisely from the opportunities available. Two stars below average. This is what we can judge after a long and careful analysis. This is strange, hardly anyone can go, especially when it comes to seeking medical help. Our advice is to avoid shopping on, and we think it should be clear. The website gives a name to a pharmacy, but does not have a doctor prescribing the correct dose for patients. This is like running without legs or wheels. If you really appreciate your life, we recommend that you search for other alternatives.