is a website for an online pharmacy with a dark website, but with options that have an American ancestry. The online pharmacy is not ideal for purchasing your medications due to poor service. Get to know them better by reading.

Domain information

The domain name was registered in July 2003 and the pharmacy has been operating for more than 14 years. However, information regarding the site owner is hidden and no information is available about the exact location of this pharmacy. We understand that owners use a special service to hide their identity. This is worrisome and raises questions about how this pharmacy works. A background check with shows that it could be located in the US or China, but the actual location is still unknown. This site has a very low confidence rating and the domain is listed as a fraudulent pharmacy. Due to all these suspicious transactions, customers are advised not to make any transactions on


Legal approvals and requirements

To gain customer trust and credibility as a company, you must have a valid license and meet all legal requirements. Unfortunately, this pharmacy does not have licenses or regulatory approvals from regulatory agencies. This is a clear indication that you are working illegally. The pharmacy also claims to offer brands manufactured at FDA approved facilities. However, we cannot determine whether this information is correct as there is no reasonable evidence to support this claim. Our research shows that Pharma Express does not have regulatory approvals from various agencies, such as the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. USA, European Medical Agency, and many more. A selection at indicates that is a fraudster.


The main medications sold in the pharmacy are generic medications for men. It is even listed as the best-selling drug on the site’s homepage. Most of these drugs do not require a prescription. Although some sensitive people really need a prescription, the pharmacy ignores it. This means that anyone who feels they need a drug can buy it here. This is dangerous and should be avoided.



This pharmacy only accepts two payment methods. Customers can pay with Visa cards or by electronic checks. Payments can be made in three different currencies, including British pounds, US dollars, and Australian dollars. All payments are safe because the company uses SSL encryption to protect customer information and credit cards from unauthorized access. Pharma Express RX also has a refund policy that allows customers to request a refund if the order is not fulfilled as directed. Customers can request a full resend or refund as per their requirements.

Shipping and handling is shipped from China and India, where its warehouses are located. Customers have two shipping options: Standard Air Mail and EMS. Standard airmail costs $ 18.00, while EMS costs $ 20. Customers can track their orders, but they must pay an additional fee for tracking services.


Customer cannot provide comments on the site. As a result, customer feedback is not displayed on Other clients need these reviews to help them better understand pharmacy services. The pharmacy does not care about this.What we believe is that the company is afraid to receive negative reviews. However, if we ask ourselves, why would anyone doubt his own services? It feels like something is wrong with the pharmacy services themselves. Trustpilot has 14 customer reviews. Some reviews praise the pharmacy, while others complain of supplies.


Conclusion is definitely a scam and we do not recommend anyone to purchase products from this site. First, the owners of this site use a service to hide their identity. Moreover, the actual location of this pharmacy is not Switzerland as mentioned, but India or China. For these reasons, we can only grant 2 stars out of 5.