is a professional looking Canadian pharmacy that claims to save you up to 90% on your prescription costs. It looks like you have the correct regulatory approvals, but should you really trust somewhere where you get your medicine? Our research revealed some issues with this online store.

Domain name information

The domain name has been registered since 08-09-2004 which might make you think it is a reliable company. However, using the privacy protection service to hide the true identity of the site owners is worrying.

Company Information

Each page on contains the company name and address at the bottom of the page. This is what you expect from a legitimate job. Unfortunately, our investigation revealed that the address is only a mailbox service operated by UPS, and that the company name does not appear in the Canadian government database either. This is the kind of practice you can expect from a deceptive pharmacy. We don’t know the correct details of the person or company behind this store and we can’t even be sure if they actually live in Canada. However, the address of the pharmacy they give on the site is real. It is a Canadian pharmacy that is linked to many other online stores.


Regulatory Association Approvals


For the website to function legally, it must be a member of the necessary regulatory authorities. We have reviewed and realized that it bears the CIPA logo. This led us to search the site in the CIPA database and, according to their word, they are members. This means that they are eligible to sell medicines online and that they sell high-quality drugs. Since you are a registered member of CIPA, we believe the site is legitimate and associated with high quality drugs.

Available medicines

The recipe offers a large selection of pills in both brand name and generic items. They are very clear about distinguishing the generic drug brand, which is not always seen in this type of pharmacy. They order prescriptions (as the store name suggests) if necessary, which requires that you send it on request or that your doctor fax it to you.

Payment and delivery accepts certified bank checks and international money orders, as well as credit cards. Your interpretation of your payment options is therefore confused. They say they currently accept money orders and checks, but only call credit cards later. Shipping costs are $ 9.95 per delivery request within North America. Additional charges may apply for larger orders. I ship by shipment and you can expect to receive your pills within 2-4 weeks of ordering.


These pharmacy websites are happy to offer certificates to increase trust by showing that they have successfully shipped products to customers. On the first page of this store, they have a comments section from, but there is only one testimonial. Interestingly, there is only one testimony, especially since the site is over 15 years old. Perhaps this is the only good comment they have received. If they have more good certificates, why shouldn’t they publish them? The individual assessment seems to be real. There is no evidence to use this elsewhere and republish it here. Searching for customer feedback on pharmacy’s website takes us to the Pharmacy Checker site. Here the certificates are mixed to say the least. There are no really recent reviews, although the most recent was 2016. The reviews really seem like with an average customer rating of just 3 out of 5.


Conclusion has the right memberships for Canadian organizations and a long online history. Unfortunately, they’ve gone to great lengths to hide their actual company data and it’s impossible to know for sure who really runs this store. Customer reviews are really mixed for this site and our rating for this site is also mixed so we give it 3 out of 5 stars.