RxOutreach.org appears to be a registered nonprofit pharmacy that sells drugs at reasonable prices to the people who need them most. The company is testing its eligibility for those who need access to its services. With a team of certified pharmacists working around the clock to check prescriptions, the pharmacy sells a wide variety of medicines and other medicines. After a thorough investigation of this online pharmacy, we discovered that it is a legitimate pharmacy. Below is a full description of our results.

Domain Information

As mentioned above, online pharmacies in the United States are operated by Domain.com, LLC. This company (domain name registrar and administrator) has had a prominent profile for a long time. She has few FDA warnings and she is not recent. We are therefore free to conclude that Rx Outreach can only rely on your company profile. RxOutreach.org was initially recorded on April 9, 2004.

Business Profile

The pharmacy has a specific brand name that remains constant across all licensing platforms and other websites used to publicize approved companies. It is clearly listed as a U.S. pharmacy that provides access to health products and services at affordable prices. The pharmacy owner is based in the United States, as well as California’s IP address website. Also, the owner’s email address is not linked to any other website.

Legal Approvals and Certificates

The role of regulatory approvals in determining the quality of online pharmacies is very large. Let’s see:

  • CIPA (Canadian Association of International Pharmacies) does not recognize this pharmacy as reliable. Absent in the CIPA database.
  • LegitScript, another trusted regulator, concludes that RxOutreach.org lives up to its definition of a legitimate online pharmacy.
  • NABP recognizes pharmacy certificate.
  • ScamAdviser gives this pharmacy 100% confidence. The comment that the site appears to be safe based on the eligibility criteria.


Products, Payment and Delivery

As a non-profit online pharmacy, RxOutreach.org works closely with donors and pharmaceutical companies, it has a portfolio of over 500 different drugs and drugs that can be used for different purposes. The pharmacy accepts payments through the usual traditional channels and delivers prescriptions within a week. It has been running for over a decade and there are no complaints about the safety of the money paid on the site. This makes the site a reliable place to do business.



An example of the reviews, represented by one review, was found on the site’s screen. We tried not to find others. We therefore had no further conclusion, but we say that the pharmacy uses a service to keep the ratings low. What could be the reason for this? Maybe because some reviews find their flaws and they don’t want to. Pharmacy errors in this section.



It is imperative to strike the right balance between providing high quality services and meeting the legal requirements established in the industry. RxOutreach.org meets all requirements for verifiable licensing from legal entities, a high reliability rating on websites such as ScamAdviser and LegitScript, and a commercial file that links to information available on other platforms. In light of this, this site has an 80% confidence level and is a recommended place to buy medicines and other items.