Rxcanada4less.com is a pharmacy that it claims has been in business since 2014. They claim they are dedicated to gaining the trust and respect of their customers. Take a look at the details of this pharmacy to see if they are already making these promises and if you should use them to meet your medical needs.

Domain name information

Registered domain data shows that this website address was registered in 2014. This is in line with what they say about your company from the same year, making it easy to find. What is not very good is to see that the Rxcanada4less.com owner has chosen to use the privacy of the domain. This means that they have decided for any reason that they do not want to reveal their contact details. This lack of transparency is cause for concern and may indicate a problem at a pharmacy.

Legal approvals

The regulations are designed to help pharmacies provide their customers with a safe service. However, Rxcanada4less.com does not provide evidence that it works with any regulations. They have an agreement with the customer and a shipping policy on their site. They also claim that pharmacies are properly organized. LegitScript definitely sees this as a problem, they reviewed the store and found it unsupported. This means that they may not work according to the laws of the countries they sell to.

Available medications

This store specializes in selling insulin and other diabetes medications. They say insulin comes with fresh gel packs to keep them cool before birth. Store prices appear to be cheaper than regular US prices. USA They say that all medications are shipped from Rxcanada4less.com, although they do not provide information on these distribution sites. Without any evidence, we just have to believe this to be true. This is a problem, along with the lack of information we found about who is behind the store, showing a pattern that is not wonderful to discover. They do not want to give information about who they are or where to give medicine. They need a real recipe before placing their order. It is good to see that and make it clear that you follow the regular rules for drug distribution in Canada.


Payment and shipping

Rxcanada4less.com website is secure and accepts payments for:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard

The shipping fee is set at $ 35 as long as you live in the continental United States. Other regions and countries can expect higher shipping costs. They say that applications usually take 3 to 5 business days.


It can be nice to find reassuring customer feedback from a company you are considering using. There are Rxcanada4less.com reviews on their Facebook page. They have a total score of 4.7 out of 5, which looks pretty good.
The comments are real, but after close examination the comments are not as good as they first appear. Reviewers don’t always rate Facebook, so some negative reviews don’t affect the overall score. Many customers report slower delivery times than expected. This seems to indicate a problem with this pharmacy that many customers are experiencing. The pharmacy appears to be packed with orders that they were unable to process to the satisfaction of all customers. This may be only a temporary problem, but it is not a good advertisement for this store.


At first glance, this pharmacy looks like a prestigious store, but it looks a little closer and there are some problems. While they often appear to be a legitimate pharmacy, they can improve transparency. We do not know who runs Rxcanada4less.com or where the medications are provided from. Based on our results, a 3-star out of 5 rating is adequate for this pharmacy.