At, US citizens receive coupons when used at local pharmacies, discounts are offered on the medications they order. This online service offers a prescription delivery program, either generic or brand, completely free! Learn more reading our review.

Domain name information

Information from the domain shows that this store has been around for nine years. In general, websites with outdated domain names are generally more reliable than very modern sites. This site uses the domain privacy service in Panama to keep your real contact information out of the public registry.


Site data

First of all, is a safe browsing site that keeps all your activities private. Although no payments are made to the website, they consider that its security is very respectable, a commendable procedure. The site is also well organized. You can find what you need on the home page, where you can access other secure, fast, and comprehensive web pages, such as the FAQ page.

Legal approvals

For such a drug-free service, we do not expect agencies like CIPA, NABP and LegitScript to sign up. Alternatively, ScamAdviser can help us make the decision. AdAdviser Scam site analyzes and concludes that the site is 100% safe for everyone!


Service provided

This site offers free access to discounted medications. Anyone in the United States can join in to get wholesale and wholesale prices for most medications. has a medical assistance program that partners with companies that allow discounts on more than 30,000 types of medications. Discounts are available at independent local drugstore chains and stores in the United States. They currently have more than 100,000 participating pharmacies and more are on the rise.


How does it work

What also impressed us is that the service is provided free of charge. Coupons don’t cost a penny. Without excellent costs, without discounts. This site offers discounts in two ways:

  • RX card (free)
  • Discount coupon

As a customer of you are free to choose between the two. To demystify things, they both guarantee a discount request for the drugs you ordered, except that the card is a coupon for more than 30,000 types of prescription drugs, making it more convenient. Discount coupons never expire. When you access the website, select the drug you want to buy (there is a list of drugs for which discounts are offered on the site). Then go ahead and receive the coupon code. If you select the email option, the site will send you the coupon by email.


Searching the reviews on the web was hard to find, but eventually some real customer reviews were found on the site’s Facebook page. All the comments we have seen from people who have tried the coupon are very positive. People are very happy with the discounts they have enjoyed using this site. Positive comments from this site on this Facebook page have been expected for many years, which is a good thing to see. But for some reason trustpilot has 0 reviews. Surprising.



This is one of the few organizations that hardly has offers available for free. We highly recommend the organization, its services and its website, as other agencies like ScamAdviser trust it. We give 4 stars out of 5.