is an online pharmacy that strives to serve customers around the world with toll-free numbers for the US and UK. The website of this pharmacy does not currently sell prescription medications. All deliveries also come with a guarantee that they will come in discreet packages and promise to have the lowest prices in the world, which is a pretty bold claim. In this article, we are going to review all publicly available information about this online pharmacy.

Domain Information

The domain was first registered on September 29, 2018 according to WhoIs and will expire on September 29, 2020 unless the owner renews the license. This kind of life is only seen in corrupt pharmacies, so it could be one of those pharmacies. The website loads fairly quickly despite sharing its server with 573 other websites.


Business Information

There is no publicly available information about who is behind Again this is not a good sign as all online pharmacies have to disclose who owns and manages them so this website is currently breaking the law. At Scam Adviser, this pharmacy website has a 67% trust score, which is very likely because this online pharmacy has only been around for a year and doesn’t get much traffic either.

Legal Approvals

As expected, the company is not registered with an interested authority such as CIPA, MPA, PharmacyChecker, NABP, etc. This makes them an illegal company that may sell low quality products containing harmful ingredients. In addition, LegitScript reviewed the pharmacy and gave it an unfair rating. This means that products did not meet the standards set by LegitScript and could be harmful to human health when consumed.

Products and Prices

This pharmacy website lists a limited number of products compared to many other online pharmacies. As mentioned above, there is also a push from this pharmacy website to try to get you to buy higher quality products, which is a common trend on most fraudulent pharmacy websites trying to get that much money. from you because they will not execute your order first.


Payment Options

The pharmacy only accepts payments with major credit cards, including:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • AMEX

You must fax or email your prescription to place your order. After approval, you can go to the payment page and purchase your desired medicines. There is no valid SSL stamp at checkout, so they can try to steal your personal information during checkout.


Some reviews are available on third party websites, most give this website a very high score and label the online pharmacy as fraudulent. This should again give you reasons to exercise caution when using this website as there are no positive comments on third party websites that positively reflect this pharmacy website. The only positive testimonials are hosted by the pharmacy ecommerce store, but all of those testimonials were probably made by the pharmacy website owners, so you shouldn’t trust them.



By reviewing, we can safely conclude that it’s just another online pharmacy scam with no credibility. If you want to buy something for them, think again. Chances are your personal information will be stolen and there is no guarantee that you will receive your package. Therefore, avoid the pharmacy and look for reliable options.