is an online pharmacy that claims to sell drugs at the lowest prices. They only sell prescription drugs from a doctor. Her medications come from the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Singapore, New Zealand, Mauritius, and Canada. Here is a complete description of the site.

Domain information

Website was created on 2000-12-13 and will end on 2020-12-13. The site has received many updates, the latest of which is on 2020-02-15. Based on its scope, the site appears legitimate because it lasted for 20 years. The details of the owner of the record are hidden by the privacy service, and this is not ideal because the legitimate company does not have to hide from its customers this way.


Company profile appears to be based in Canada, but may include other countries that we were unable to configure as it uses a service to hide your company profile. However, we believe that the owner uses the Secret Service to prevent him from receiving spam. Most fraudulent sites use your identity. Therefore, based on your company profile, we were unable to find.


Regulatory approvals

For the website to function legally, you must be a member of the necessary regulatory authorities. We have reviewed the site and noticed that it has the CIPA logo. This led us to search the site in the CIPA database and according to their word as members. This means that are eligible to sell medications online and that they sell high-quality medications. As a registered member of CIPA, we believe that the site is legitimate and is involved in high quality medications.


Secure connection

Website connection is not private and attackers can see the images they display from the website and trick to create the same image. However, all other information is secured, so you don’t have to worry about stealing your credentials and credit cards. However, we believe that all aspects of your communication must be completely secure to prevent unsuspecting customers from clicking to access other websites that could compromise your credentials.

Payment and shipping accepts certified bank checks, international money orders, electronic checks, and personal checks. The pharmacy does not accept credit cards, even buying with credit cards is the most convenient payment method. We were unable to determine the reason for leaving this payment method in your payment options. The pharmacy also does not ship to all countries. Only ships within the United States and Canada. Shipping takes 10-18 business days by mail. They charge 9.95 freight per patient.


The site has a certification page where they have published some reviews of customers who have bought from them. We couldn’t find any site on the site where customers can add their feedback, and we think this is odd on a long-term website, plus the website didn’t mention the date and time of the comments. We tried to search for comments outside of, but the site does not appear to contain any comments. This is very annoying for the site and it is hoped that it has earned its online reputation over the years of use.



From the evaluation, we believe that the site is legitimate. It took years, unlike the brightest websites and only a year; Every suspicious site linked to it is missing. Additionally, you are registered with CIPA and are legally authorized to sell high-quality medications online. However, the pharmacy is not shipped to a country other than the United States and Canada, so patients outside of these countries will not benefit from pharmacy services. Therefore, we believe that deserves a 4-star rating.