Domain name information

Domain database validation shows that this name has been registered since 2016. The pharmacy takes a long time to work, so it may indicate that this store is less likely to be cheated. There is also information about the person or organization who registered the address. Data shows that they are in the Netherlands, although the name of the organization has not been provided. This could indicate that the domain was registered by an individual rather than a company.


Two copies from the store

Interestingly, there are two versions of One is the secure version of the site that uses “HTTPS” at the beginning of the address and the other is not. There are two different pages: when you access the domain for the first time, you are using the unsafe version and all links point to secure pages that use a different website design. The secure version of the site looks identical to a number of other pharmacies we’ve seen before. This is not a good thing to discover at this pharmacy and show a major problem.

Commercial contact information

On the site they do not give a title in the Netherlands. Basically online with the domain name they claim to be Canadian. Why is it a Canadian company based in the Netherlands? It won’t happen, but Canada is known primarily in the United States as a good place to get cheap drugs, as many fraud pharmacies claim to be Canadian like this.

Legal approvals

There are no organizational stamps on This indicates that the owners are not concerned with the rules that ensure that pharmacies are reliable for customers. This fear supports LegitScript’s findings. They give the pharmacy an unfair job rating that violates the rules of the countries where they try to sell their products.


Available medicines

This store has a reasonable selection of products to choose from. The best-selling products are medications for men. The pills can be shipped from Canada, the Netherlands, or anywhere else as they do not mention these important details. The fact is that the grain is likely to be shipped from India, Pakistan or China rather than Canada. This greatly increases the chances of selling low-quality fake or medicines. The dangers of these pills can have very serious consequences for the health of the customers of this pharmacy. The prices we see at are low and this increases the risk of low quality medicines. They don’t care whether you have a prescription or not. This can lead to people taking medications that increase health problems instead of treating them. This also indicates a greater chance of selling unsafe, low-quality medicines here.

Payment and shipping


The final checkout section will send you to another website to complete the transaction. They accept a good selection of payment methods:

  • Credit cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Electronic check

Shipping is an option between airmail and express mail. The courier option has a tracking number and delivery in about a week. The downside is the price which is three times the price of airmail for $ 30. The $ 10 option for airmail can take up to three weeks.



There is a certification page full of cool reviews from However, these customer reviews can also be found in other mirror stores and in addition to many difficult pharmacies. These positive customer reviews are completely false and are used to convince you that it is a reputable pharmacy.



Every time we looked at it, the problems in this store kept growing. They lie about where they are and also lack transparency about where the drugs are dispensed. There is no legal control and they run a mirror site with fake certificates. Trust in this pharmacy would be a big mistake as we only give 1 star out of 5.