is an online pharmacy that claims to have built a great reputation by selling cheap effective medications with fast service. We are researching these claims to see if you should consider buying your tablets here.

Domain information

Domain information for this platform that we purchased through is a beginner’s site. The platform has been operating since 2017 and has more than 3 years of experience in this core business. The domain registration date for this pharmacy is 03-15-2017. Ends on 03-15-2021.

Business details

After verifying the domain information for this pharmacy site with, we are now ready to verify whether or not the business profile is linked to the information on this site. These details are available on It is mentioned that the platform is a new site that does not contain comments (as such). The site is located outside the United States. However, the domain owner and owner of the company belong to Barbados. We believe this is the fake owner data that the site has shared. The platform has not revealed the true identity of the site owner. Given these results, we should mention that the platform does not look very safe and reliable.

Legal approvals

Before we conclude whether or not is a safe and reliable site, we must verify whether or not the platform has received regulatory approvals. Based on our analysis, the site is not endorsed by CIPA and LegitScript. It is true that there are some rules and regulations that must be followed before obtaining stamps of approval. At this online pharmacy is just a fake site. They engage in deceptive commercial practices and their medication does not meet the general standards of medical practice in terms of safety and quality.

Product and price

The platform sells a wide range of drugs, so you can easily find and buy the necessary medications. But we are sure that the quality of these drugs is not at a record level. Of course, none of their medications come from licensed manufacturers. By compromising the quality of the drug, the platform managed to reduce the total cost of its medications as much as possible. However, our strong suggestion is that you will not be affected when you look at the low price, because these low-quality, unaccredited medications may not be safe for your health.

Payment and shipping methods

Card payment systems are permitted on this platform. There are two main types of shipping methods, for example EMS and Registered Airmail. For EMS, it comes with the tracking option. For EMS, the required drugs are delivered much faster than the registered airmail service. Standard Standard Mail service takes longer to deliver orders.


At, 0 reviews (for clients in real time) are offered on behalf of this pharmacy, but we were able to find some reviews on their main site. The Certificates section contains negative and positive reviews. However, it is mostly rated excellent and we have seen it as fraudulent.


Well, without regulatory approvals does not seem reliable and secure. Do not buy medicines for them. We give them 2 out of 5 stars.