Universaldrugstore.com is an online pharmacy that claims to have earned an excellent reputation for selling effective drugs at low prices with fast service. We are researching these claims to see if you should really buy pills here.

Domain information

As a general rule, domain names registered for a longer period offer more legal online pharmacies, and this site name has been around for some time. The use of the privacy service is not very promising, since fraudulent pharmacies often use these services. However, after verification it turns out that Universaldrugstore.com is actually redirecting to this pharmacy.The domain was already registered in 2002. Today, the domain name is registered with the Canadian registrar and the privacy service is being reused. This is the domain name that is definitely better than the one they actually use should belong to the same company. It is strange that they have decided not to use it now. It turns out someone previously used this shorter address at another pharmacy dating from 2002, then at the same store as in 2015. We don’t know why we switched to another domain name, but the cause is unlikely to be good.


Business contact information

This location information was found for Universaldrugstore.com on the store’s own pages, and you take a look below.

Regulatory approval

The rules must ensure your safety when buying medications online. However, Universaldrugstore.com doesn’t seem to have any rules. They say the drugs they sell are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, although they cannot provide supporting evidence. LegitScript searches online pharmacy websites to make sure they comply with the rules. With this store, they don’t think they classify the site as a phishing pharmacy

Available Products

Universaldrugstore.com has a good selection of pills. The store specializes in the sale of contraceptives and abortion medications. There are many articles on this topic on his blog. The site says you must have a prescription when you request treatment at their store, but they don’t ask you to send them the prescription.

Payment and delivery

Medications can be purchased at this store using:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • AmEx
  • Western Union
  • Electronic check

Universaldrugstore.com is protected by a valid SSL certificate and you must create an account to complete the transaction. Available delivery options: EMS or airmail. EMS takes about 10 business days to include the tracking number. Airmail will take 10-21 days, or 21-28 days depending on your location. Free shipping is available if you spend more than $ 200 on medications from this pharmacy.


Universaldrugstore.com comments were difficult to find. The only review we found was posted on the pharmacy page on Facebook. Unfortunately, the reviews are generally not very good. They get an average score of 2.3 for the reviews they received. This customer claims that the order was not shipped within a week and that the site must be fraudulent. This test appears to be true from a live account, and it is disappointing that the pharmacy has not responded to this complaint.


In general, Universaldrugstore.com seems quite normal. They have been around for some time and offer a number of medications that are not often found in online pharmacies. On the other hand, customer opinions are somewhat mixed, and no organization can be concerned. For these reasons, we give this pharmacy 3 stars out of five. There are better places to buy medications online.