is an online pharmacy specializing in providing sexual health products to clients worldwide. The pharmacy claims to offer solutions for couples facing sexual health problems by offering cheap generic medications online. Although this pharmacy seems real, we are skeptical about its activities. This is what we should say about this pharmacy.

Domain information

Now let’s quickly reveal the domain information of this fraudulent pharmacy that runs a scam and cheats ordinary customers like you. The original domain registration date for this website is 11/28/2016 (according to So the platform has been running for almost 4 years. In addition, the pharmacy did not provide / disclose information about the contact details of the registrant.


Company information

The company that runs is called “Via Best Buy”. However, there is no information on the validity of this company’s name because it is not registered anywhere. Also, no information is available about the address of this pharmacy. Lack of contact information is kind of weird. Most real pharmacies provide reliable contact information, especially from a company that claims to be legitimate, including the company’s name, address, email address, and phone numbers.

Legal approvals

As expected, the platform doesn’t really have regulatory approval. This is mainly because it is a fairly fraudulent online pharmacy. According to, this pharmacy website is not registered in the valid member database. Similarly, has stated that it is a fraudulent pharmacy that does not meet the criteria and protocols that has defined or specified.

Available medications only deals with sexual health products like:

  • Levitra
  • Cialis
  • Viagra
  • Priligy

These medications address sexual challenges such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Best Buy strives to offer these medications to customers worldwide at very reasonable prices. All medications available on this platform are public. However, the fact that this pharmacy does not have a valid license raises questions about the quality of these medications.
The shape and color of generic drugs provided on this platform are not the same as those of similar brand name drugs. Also, the name used to describe generic drugs differs from the names printed on brand name drugs. While this is a real problem regarding patent rights, we still doubt the quality of these drugs.


Payment and Delivery accepts various types of online payment methods that allow you to place an order. For example, you can apply through MasterCard or Visa. Similarly, you can also use Bitcoin to place your orders. Unfortunately, the platform does not require a prescription before purchasing medications. You can be sure that you can buy your favorite medications without giving a prescription.
When it comes to delivery methods, the site has two shipping methods, such as USPS Tracked Express Shipping and USPS Regular Shipping. In the case of USPS Express Shipping with tracking, it takes between seven and ten days to receive the ordered products. The shipping cost for USPS Express Shipping with Tracking is $ 39. But the shipping cost will be fully removed if you place an order of $ 150 or more. Similarly, normal USPS shipping costs are $ 29. For USPS regular shipping, orders will ship to your location within 10-18 days. Freight (USPS standard shipping) will not apply if you place an order for $ 80 or more.



This pharmacy has many positive reviews on its website. Just because writing a review gives you a $ 30 discount means that most visitors will write positively about the site to enjoy the special discount. We decided to check reviews on third-party platforms and what surprised us.


Given our cumulative results, it can be said that is a random, incompatible, and unapproved pharmacy that sells low-quality medications. This is why we rate this pharmacy with only 2 stars out of 5 overall rating. Stay away from this pharmacy and don’t buy your medications.